Professional social networks must evolve beyond just being ‘linked’. StackStreet creates new professional connections centered around what you know, not who you know.

StackStreet is the place to expand your professional network and improve your career trajectory. We believe that when distributed around the right network, content is the key to the economic empowerment and career/business development of our users.

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Make new connections or reconnect with existing ones. StackStreet will help you build professional connections based on your knowledge, as expressed through your published content.

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We provide you with a beautiful profile page, real-time statistics, best-of-class publishing tools and gorgeous minimalist presentation of your content. We designed down to the pixel, just to make you look good.

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StackStreet will always be free. You never have to worry about paying to send other users messages, blog hosting fees, or membership subscriptions.

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Build a path towards a new career, or gain a promotion in your current one by showing the world what you know. Publishing great articles is the best way to connect with companies looking to hire.