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Turkey Real Estate — Is Now the Time?

The property market in Turkey is faring much better than the UK property market in the face of the global economic downturn. Bodrum, in particular, has gained in popularity with UK investors. As an emerging property market, prices are much lower than the average within the EU. This means that buying a property in Turkey…


Erdogan: We Seek to Provide All Kind of Support to Investors

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan participated in the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (ASCO) summit in Istanbul as part of the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Organization’s establishment. “The most important factor for the prosperity of trade and investment in Turkey is stability and calmness” Erdogan said in a speech. Erdogan stressed…


Three Smart Cities in Turkey by 2023

In the context of realizing the objectives of 2023 vision, the Turkish government aims to transform Turkey into a modern and advanced country, by transforming three Turkish cities into smart cities. The concept of Smart Cities is not only a description of a place that benefits greatly from the use of information technology and is…


Three Million Arab Tourists in Turkey

The great cooperation between Turkey and the Arab countries has led to an increase in Arab investments in the Turkish markets, in addition to the arrival of Arab tourists in many Turkish cities. In a speech, the head of the Arab Organization for Tourism, “Bandar bin Fahad Al Fahid,” who visited Turkey for several meetings,…


Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul

Turkey is a country that has the privilege of uniting the eastern and western civilizations. The Bosphorus River separates the two civilizations and this is the place where Dolmabahçe Palace was constructed. It is a symbolism of Turkey’s liberal and modern frame of mind. Turkey’s real estate industry has benefited a lot from the cultural…


The Advantages of Purchasing Property in Turkey

Turkey real estate provides one of the best places for living. Since people are investing a lot in the countries like Italy, France and Spain and buying some homes there, they don’t realize that the costs for living and the purchasing of the real estate is actually lower in Turkey. The houses for sale in…


The Cheapest Districts to Buy a Property in Istanbul

There is a constant need for a real estate in Istanbul, where the building sites are growing steadily, especially as investment in Istanbul is at the forefront of the Turkish cities for those who want to buy a property, either for residence or for investment in the biggest cities that are the most profitable. turkey…


Nişantaşı The Magnificent Quarter — in Istanbul

Nişantaşı Quarter Ottoman dynasty spreads across centuries and during their reign their capital moved from Bursa to Edirne and then to Istanbul. Every Sultan desired to make his capital city a hall of fame and landmarks. This is what Sultan Abdul Mecid did when he took control of the empire. He made Istanbul as one…