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Northwest Territorial Mint Scandal: Investors Had Fair Warning on This Blowup As Well

Originally posted on Money Metals Exchange The news unfortunately just keeps getting worse for customers and creditors of Northwest Territorial Mint. The prominent bullion dealer located near Seattle, Washington filed for bankruptcy court protection at the end of March. The losses of customers who never received delivery of orders plus the losses of other creditors…

Nate Vickery

Figuring out Co-Founder Salaries

We have all been there. Sitting with some friends with a cold beverage in hands when a business idea strikes. You all agree this is the best, safe-proof idea ever and that you should definitely make it happen. But in most cases you don’t, and all is forgotten by the next morning. Well, from time…


China hits backs at rumors of human flesh in corned beef tins

China’s foreign ministry has denied reports that Chinese food companies are canning human flesh and selling it in Africa as corned beef. “I’m sure people can tell the difference between corned beef and human flesh. Humans aren’t that salty” said Juang Diang Doo, a representative of the Committee to Export Flesh not from Humans. The…

160202_Vista_255a_Hi (2)

The Growing Love Of Tiny Houses

The tiny house movement continues to grow with tiny house hotels thriving and many people finding that while a tiny house might be a little too small for a main living space, it does make the perfect second home, home office, studio, in-law suite, or even your own AirBnB rental. The Vista suits all those…

Chris Hornak

Blog Frequency: How Often Should You Post?

There is a lot of contradictory advice on the net regarding how often you should create new blog posts for your site. The best answer is that there is no right or wrong frequency for blog posting; how often you blog depends on what your readers want and your ability to deliver. Put Your Readers…

Chris Hornak

Promote Your Startup With These Very Affordable Services

Your startup’s website just went live! All that time planning, designing, testing, fixing, tweaking is over. Now you can sit back and begin reaping the benefits of having a website… Right? Not exactly. Not at all, actually… because now the real work begins. Don’t take the champagne off the ice. Having a website is great…