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Nelson Keating

Mobile Data Made Elegant — The Making of

mParticle, the startup based out of NYC has a unique product. The 3 year old company is a customer data platform that aggregates mobile app data from a wide array of outside services and APIs. Similar to, mParticle allows one-click integrations with a broad array of services. Developers can use mParticle to integrate everything…

Daniel Burrus
Modern cyber girl with technolgy eye looking into blue iris

Will Biometric Logins Replace Your Passwords?

Bank notes and silver coins are starting to feel incredibly primitive or quaint at best to an increasing number of shoppers. Many are happier using their credit or debt card for both their online and offline purchases. Now that the U.S. has joined Europe and other nations by requiring a chip-in-card system, the pressure is…

Robin Miller MD

Want to Feel Better? Go Green!

It is estimated that 10% or 27 million Americans are on antidepressants. The good news is that they can be very effective particularly for severe depression. They also can be helpful for mild to moderate depression. The other thing that has been found to help mild to moderate depression is exercise. Thirty minutes or more…

The Classic Elevator Pitch

Tell me about yourself! Why should anyone care? Your answer is the key to successfully prospecting at networking events, chance meetings and parties. Getting a recruiter, internal manager, investor, hiring manager or networker to care about you is critically important to fulfill your goal. Unfortunately, the way most people explain themselves comes off as self-indulgent…


[INFOGRAPHIC] How Israel Became a Water Superpower

The world’s water crisis is real—but solutions are at hand. We need look no further than Israel to see the water saving technologies of the future already in use. While the majority of Israel’s water is manufactured from non-potable, and man-made sources, virtually all US water is sourced from Natural Water. This includes groundwater, pulled…

Jeff DeGraff

Innovating Your Way to a Good Job

If you feel like some people have no problem finding a job-even in the most difficult job markets-you’re not mistaken. These seemingly lucky individuals know something: You don’t get a job by competing in the same game as every other job searcher and applicant-you get it by innovating.   Want to learn how to innovate your…

Robin Miller MD

Got Stress? Deal With It!

Stress is inevitable in our lives. It is something that causes us to react with a fight or flight response. This response is something that has protected us through the ages. When confronted with a perceived dangerous situation, a chemical reaction in the body takes place that can improve alertness and our ability to move…