If you could create an unspoiled paradise with magical allure–you would create Martinique!

Remarkable, fascinating, and spiritual, this amazingly beautiful caribbean island offers pristine white-sand beaches, varied dive sites, farming communities where time stands still, pristine forests, waterfalls and an array of colorful tropical flowers. And while Martinique is profoundly Caribbean, it is considered a full-fledged Region of France, and is known as the “Headquarters for Romance” (let’s face it: who does romance better than the French)?

Martinique is an inviting place, a genuine crossroads of all sorts of influences: Western, American, African and Asian.

A Thrilling Backstory:  Known as the “Island of Flowers”, Martinique awes and inspires, thanks to the island’s well-preserved Ameridian artifacts, unique architecture and museums, not to mention being the Western Hemisphere’s Pompeii;  as there once was a fierce volcano that destroyed Martinique’s sparkling capital in less than five minutes! Arawaks, Caribs, Columbus (remember him?), slave traders and their captives, a girl who grew up to be Napoleon’s controversial Empress Josephine, and a rum-obsessed monk were among the islands first colorful and historical key players.

Speaking of Rum-Obsessed:  Martinique offers the “Route of Rum” based upon its 10 distilleries for tasting and shopping. Not your average rum producers, they are consistent prize-winners in international competition. It is the only rum on earth whose quality is so exceptional that it has appellation d’origine controlee (AOC) status. Sounds impressive!

Ready for Adventure? Look no Further:  Martinique offers it all — Hiking, Golf, Canyoneering, Horseback Riding, Tennis (Club Med Buccaneer’s Creek has especially good courts and pros), Snorkeling, 4WD Wilderness Rides, Mountain Biking, Diving, Surfing, Kayaking, Deep-Sea Fishing, Boating, Yawl Racing, Flyboarding — and more!

And for your Cosmopolitian Pleasure:  Outstanding cuisine, one of Martinique’s many great pleasures, (there are culinary tourists who go to this island specifically for its gastronomical choices), architectural masterpieces, nightlife and savoir faire. The quality of locally crafted goods in Martinique is exceptional. They also offer French and other European goods–Baccarat, Cartier, etc. A true epicenter of dymanic cultural activity.

Essential Facts:  This 425-sq.-mile island is tucked between Dominica to the north and Saint Lucia to the south, and lies 1,965 miles from New York and 425 miles southeast of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Average temperature is a balmy 79 degrees. French, Creole, English and Spanish are spoken here. And currency is the Euro.

The range of lodgings goes from basic to five-star luxury resorts, including self-catering cottages in the countryside. There is a French system in place that consistantly provides inspections requiring strict standards of safety and quality.

For years, air access to Martinique has not been the easiest, but all has changed this past year. It is now easier than ever with new non-stop service from Miami. In addition, there is ferry service from Guadeloupe, Dominica, and Saint Lucia. Also Martinique has been voted one of the best cruise ship ports offering an array of fabulous shore excursions.

I encourage you to visit Martinique:  One island, many options! A dream holiday for lovers, families and singles!