Like love, there is never a perfect smartphone when it comes to overall performance. In the case for XiaoMi’s range of smartphones, expect the low and exceptionally cheap price to come with slow system updates.

With Android’s ex-vice president under their wing, XiaoMi has developed a great commercial headstart with the sale of 26.1 million handsets for the first half of the year, and it is making its way to the target of 60 million by the end of the year. What is troubling is how backward are they on the operating system.

TechInAsia has released a chart which showed the status  – The only product that has the latest Android operating system is the MiPad, which had just been launched two months ago. The rest of the products are unfortunately launched with a slightly backward Android system at Version 4.2.

The only saving grace here is that updates to Version 4.3 has been made available to some of the products on the higher tier category. There is even the unfortunate Mi2S which was launched on the most primitive version of the Ice Cream Sandwich platform with no updates in view.

On a more optimistic note, core system updates have always been slow for smartphones, where developers tend to update the user interface much faster that the core operating system. This is due to the difference in system architecture which would take developers some time to customize.

With the smartphones targeting the tech-savvy teenagers, updates are the main concern with the influx of information theft. While phone makers like Samsung ensure that flagship models get updates at least once every few months and Motorola being in the lead due to its simple interface, XiaoMi is greatly overshadowed despite them having weekly updates on their user interface.

It may be likely due to them being one of the new players in the market which will require them to squirm their way through the big brothers who are already dominating. Let time tell and we will see what XiaoMi is really made of.