If you are wondering if we would be able to talk to people similar to the way Tony Stark sees his hologram screens in his suit, here’s something for you from Takee.

Cited as the first holographic phone, the Takee 1 has technologies that may give Amazon a good watering down to their Fire – four front facing cameras to be used as eye position recognition. While this is what makes Amazon’s Fire Phone one of the first 3D phones, Takee pushes it up one notch to combine midair gestures which was seen in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, and it is also making its way into the next smartphone from Nokia.

The result? Holographic images which you can touch in midair. Whether that is possible, has yet to be proven. What science has taught us so far is that projections are limited to the viewing angle and as seen in the promotional video, it seems that there won’t be much to project if it’s coming out from the conventional 5.5 inch smartphone screen size.

While the holographic ability makes it out of this world, Takee 1 is pretty much a monster as a smartphone too – it’s featuring a 2GHz eight-core processor from MediaTek, with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of embedded memory. That is definitely something you’d want to have even if it’s not projecting well.

The holographic smartphone is up for preorders until the 15th of August within China, but unfortunately they have not made announcements on the other markets. Whether it will make its way into US shores will be the big challenge that the chief technology officer Patrick Kwok and his team will have to take on.

Will this mark the next generation of communications technology? We can only leave time to tell over the product launch results. Jarvis will be more than excited to have this for Tony.

The Takee 1 is developed by Shenzhen-based Estar Technology.