The United States isn’t known for going gaga over soccer, but with World Cup fever sweeping the globe, the games have kicked up online sales for soccer-related merchandise.

Increasingly more U.S. consumers have become more interested in the sport, and SLI Systems, a global e-commerce provider for Internet retailers, found online searches for soccer related items surged 280% from March 2nd and July 9th.

No surprise here that June 16— the day of the U.S. match against Ghana– was the peak day for soccer-related shopping in the U.S. Meanwhile the peak day in Brazil was July 3, the day before it played Columbia.

Although recreational soccer gear tends to be purchased before the fall and spring seasons, SLI found a boost in June for products ranging from cleats, balls, shin guards and gloves.

It says the uptick in sales indicates the country’s increased interest in actually playing the sport, and believes U.S. fanfare for the World Cup will continue long after Sunday’s final game between Argentina and Germany.

One winner in all this, is Nike. The sports-apparel giant reported late last month that global soccer-related revenue rose 21 percent to an all-time high of $2.3 billion for the 2014 fiscal year leading up to the World Cup.

The Top Soccer-Related Search Terms in the U.S:

1. Soccer

2. USA Soccer


4. Nike soccer