As Cisco unveiled their plans on the launch of DevNet, Verizon wants you to know that the technology is already available to you now.

Internet of Thing (IoT) is a concept where every device or appliance that you have is connected to the Web, in which the data that they provide will make appliances more efficient, cost saving, and ultimately making our lives more convenient. Examples are like fridges which alerts the owner if the temperature is too high for food storage, or coffee makers which automatically turns on as you wake up. It can also apply to vehicles on the go to let other commuting vehicles know how close you are to them.

The IoT industry is estimated to yield $14.4 trillion over the next ten years, predicted by Verizon Senior Vice President, Kevin Link. He added that the current priority for IoT pioneers will be on gathering data from the automobiles which will then in turn be used to prevent accidents. They are also exploring options of other applications where these information can be used.

However, for IoT to be a reality, the challenge at hand is to overcome the lack of global software benchmarks, which is the main reason for the abundance of software related conflicts. On the other hand, hardware issues are easier to resolve.

While it seems miraculous on the capabilities of the IoT framework, the NSA scandal has put people a step back to see how can it be implemented without letting anyone taking advantage of all these personal data. This means that the IoT framework will be subjected to the same concerns – no one likes to be tracked down, especially if it’s with criminal intentions.

Will the IoT be something that will benefit everyone? It’s still too early to tell but we have to hope that it doesn’t end up the same way as how SkyNet was used in the Terminator series though.