Central Air Conditioner:

During summer months to beat the heat inside the room, some cooling system is mandatory. The Central air conditioner is one type of cooling system that beats the heat and makes the room cold. The central air conditioner is either a split air conditioner or packaged air conditioner unit.

Air Conditioner


The central air conditioner consists of the first appliance called air handler or furnace located in outside place called the basement. This machine blows the cold air throughout the house through air ducts, often a forced air furnace during the heating season utilize the same system. The room temperature rises or fall, the thermostat in the house cause the cooling system to off.

A Central ac unit runs on electricity and removes heat using a principle of refrigeration. As the thermostat signals the air conditioner to lower the temperature of the air, the whole sequence of events begins.

The air handling unit starts the drawing room air in from various parts of home through return air ducts. The air then pumped through the filter, where the airborne particles such as dust removed. Then the air moves to air supply conduit that carries it back to rooms.

Now comes about the refrigeration principle. The air conditioner mainly consists of three primary parts: condenser, a compressor, and an evaporator. In current split AC unit, the condenser and a compressor located in the outdoor unit while an evaporator located in air handling unit. In packaged system, all the components combined in a single unit, that may be present in a roof or on the ground.

The refrigerant present inside the machine circulates through the copper tube. The refrigerant receives the heat and releases the heat as the temperature rise or fall, changing from the liquid to gas and back to liquid. When refrigerant begins to circulate through indoor coil, it becomes exceptionally cold.

The air handler pumps the warm air into the loop; the refrigerant absorbs so much heat from the air and turns vapor. As the smoke travels to the compressor that pressurizes the steam and moves through outdoor unit. The fan also helps in dissipating the heat. The refrigerant moves through an expansion device that converts into low pressure, which turns into indoor unit. And so the cycle repeats.

AC Service


The central air conditioner is not that easy to install. If there is any problem with central AC units that has to be fixed by service experts. The servicing of central units follows some procedure. Only experts understand about the problems in your air conditioner. I prefer AB Service, which is an experienced service company with more experts to maintain AC at your door step. To know about air conditioner benefits

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