Hi all, few weeks before we discuss blogging, it’s advantages, the various platform for blogging, benefits of using WordPress for blogging. Now we are going to compare two different and famous platform for blogging. They are WordPress Vs Tumblr.


There are two kinds of WordPress platform; they are WordPress.com and WordPress.org. The wordpress are highly used for business website development.


WordPress.com is an open software where we can able to use by signing up for the free account. While you prefer to paid version, you can able to join many options like storage space, custom domain, No ads like much more.


This is also an open software as like wordpress.com; We can use them as our will. WordPress installation is very easy; customization is also very easy and much more. While we were using the WordPress, we can able to enjoy the website development or blogging. By using plugins, you can beautify your site.


Tumblr is also a social platform for sharing videos, images, photographic and much more. Some of the people used this for blogging. As like the WordPress in Tumblr also contains free themes, paid themes, plugins for customization.

WordPress vs. Tumblr

Both also have the same features and used for different purpose. Depend upon the need the blogger should be select the platform. The WordPress are mainly used for business site development, but the Tumblr used for discussing the trends, share your life things, photographic and much more. Both also same, the selection depend upon the bloggers need.