Calling all book nerds. Do not be ashamed of your addiction. My small library, at last count of over 60 books, is bursting with shelves of read and unread passports into worlds unexplored. Though my interests have changed somewhat my passion and zeal for the printed word has deepened. So in this day of modern technology books should of course be relatively inexpensive. However, this is not the case.

Of course an alternative would be an E-Reader and why not? Many books can be bought without the hassle of space and the inconvenience of a draining bank account.

E-Readers a no-go.

Despite all of the modern conveniences that a techno reader may give to me I will simply say that reading, like eating, is more than just devouring words, which brings me to the ownership truth. Just as you cannot read all of the books in the world, you cannot own all of them. It would take numerous football fields to even make a dent. However, you can spend wisely. In my years of book collecting I have found some tried and true methods of making sure that you get what you want and you don’t go broke.


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Libraries are a life saver.

Most classic literature can be checked out in your local library and if not available they can be reserved. The investment of the printed word comes in handy for those books that seem to go missing, are never returned, or are out of print. For example, I recently ordered a copy of “The Assistant,” by Bernard Malamud via an online bookseller. Try as I might a copy of this book could not be located at my local library. Another book, “The Roswell Incident” by Charles Berlitz and William L. Moore peaked my interest enough for me to want a copy of my own for research purposes.

Buy paperback when possible.

Usually bookstores have discount racks full of paperbacks and some hardcovers. It’s always a thrill when rifling through these stacks and with the discounts $30 could land you several items versus the new books that cost upwards of $20 or more. In addition paperbacks are much more flexible when traveling.

Pass along the booty. 

For the books that somehow end up on your shelf that you know that you will never read, or you’ve read once and don’t care for, donate to your local library or secondhand store. After all you never know when your junk book may be someone else’s pearl.