No, this is not a Polack joke! Polish people have long been the butt of “dumb jokes.”  You have probably heard a thousand of them: “How many Polacks does it take to….” Fortunately, these offensive racial slurs have become unacceptable in polite society. However, the stigma of Poles being dumb still exists.

Our beloved little Winnie the Pooh has long suffered the same plight. His many antics, as penned by A.A.Milne, often point to his lack of advanced reasoning skills. After all, who gets stuck in a window anyway? It does always make for an entertaining story.

This time, however, poor Winnie the Pooh has found himself in a real predicament, and, sadly, the perpetrators of this injustice are some of our Polish friends who should know better. reported on Friday that a little town in Poland called Tuszyn has banned the fat little bear from their playground. He is being accused of some pretty serious charges.

It appears that he is sexless, actually a hermaphrodite, as he was described. (This is serious!) In the meeting described in the above-referenced article, Pooh was also slammed for his clothing choices. It appears that the “dumb” little bear has been going around without pants. Yes, Winnie the Pooh has poisoned generations of children by his exhibitionism. The half-naked condition of our favorite resident of The Hundred Acre Wood is the leading item on the agenda of the town council of Tuszyn. (What a quiet place Tuszyn must be.)

There were even some difficult-to-understand accusations being directed to his famous and legendary creator, A.A. Milne.

When the author turned 60, he cut off his [Pooh’s] testicles with a rusty razor blade because of his own identity issues.” 

In the Western world, we can look around us and see what a sexualized society our children have inherited. If you aren’t sure about that, just watch one Miley Cyrus performance. (Remember the “naughty” bear dance number?) Now we have to be concerned about POOH? Next they will be telling us that Eeyore is taking downers, and  Tigger is doing crack cocaine! Facts are truly stranger than fiction.