Recently, UPS is trying ways to add its revenues by adding delivery cost in many aspects. It wants retailers to pay them fees for those missed packages because the UPS needs to arrange labours to solve this problem. Other conditions like if major sellers failed to fill the UPS trunk, the box size exceeds the size the retailers’ forecasts are also applies to this. But this decision has not been made yet as the UPS still needs to consider what its customers are thinking about.

What I know is that FedEx is currently adjusting its shipping price too. So maybe this is a trend that shipping cost could be increase. The problem is how the online retailers survive if this is true. After all, the biggest challenge for them is to cut down the shipping cost. As far as I am concerned, I do not agree with that the UPS should add retailers’ shipping cost if there were lost packages that the UPS needs to find. On the contrary, the UPS itself needs to be blamed and undertake the loss. It is its duty to help people ship goods to their said places.

With the UPS increased shipping prices, I am afraid that they may also want to increase other fees, such as UPS package tracking fee as it may also say it needs balabala to pay. I really help the UPS company can focus more on how to increase its services quality instead of adding retailers’ or other customers’ cost.