Just 14 hours after the dismal fate of the passenger aircraft in Ukraine, Israel launched a ground offense initiative with support from the US and UK. President of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu said that the operation had to come in as ceasefire negotiations fell apart on Thursday night.

Hamas was seemingly not adhering to terms agreed in the ceasefire even with the intervention of Egypt, as well as the UN. Rockets continued to fly into the Israeli territory and it only showed how unstable the relationship between Hamas and Israel is.

Meanwhile on the other side of the globe, President Obama has shown support in the actions of Netanyahu, but he has emphasized that the ground offense must be done with much precision as there have been far too much bloodshed, in the correspondence with Reuters.

This was done after a call with UK President David Cameron, who gave his support with regards to the violence against the Palestinians. This resulted in 15,000 protestors marching down Kensington street earlier today, demanding “justice and freedom” for Palestine.

According to a live update by The Guardian, there are 296 reported dead, constituting mainly of women and children. This comes along with more than 2,200 wounded as well.

The negative dynamics has pressed UN General-Secetary Ban Ki Moon to make his way over to ensure that no more bloodshed shall be seen. He has also shown his disappointment in Israel for not holding back on a conflict which could have been resolved with better alternatives.

With the amount of refugees doubling to 40,000 in the shelters since the start of the invasion, hospitals are overwhelmed with the amount of injured patients coming in daily. However, it did not help much when electricity was cut mostly due to the power lines being brought down.

The global leaders are now making their way over to Cairo, where the negotiations are held. This time, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas will be seeking advice from the Turkish and Qatari to help mediate the situation in view that they are on closer terms with Hamas.