The world of computer technology changes so much that unless you are an active member of the technology world, you probably can’t keep up with all the newest technology. Usually it’s not even important for every one in the world to know about every new piece of technology out there. It’s only important when a new kind of technology is so good and useful that a lot of people are going to want to know about it. This was the case with 3G Internet. This allowed people connect to the Internet quickly and easily using their cellular phone. They could write and send emails, view mobile websites, and watch videos on You Tube. This technology gave people access to the Internet unlike anything that they had before. People who had phones with 3G service were basically never without an Internet connection, unless they were out of service of their cellular provider. Uninterrupted, unlimited access was a completely new thing.

Immediately Internet technology developers began to think of how they could then improve on this concept. One of the obvious way to improve the service was by increasing the speed at which the service worked. People like the idea of having things much faster. When you hear Internet advertisements of any kind, the thing that they are most often selling is the speed of the connection. The other limitation that 3G has was what you were able to do with it. Because you use 3G with a cellular phone there is only so much you can do online. You can’t download a large file, or view many websites that have complicated features. You can write emails, but usually these are brief and to the point because it’s inconvenient to write out a long email on a tiny screen with a tiny keyboard. This is where Internet technology developers got the idea for 4G wireless Internet.

4G is the new and better version of 3G Internet, with the limitations mentioned improved on. The speed is much better. With a 4G connection you are working at up to 4 times faster that with a 3G connection. The other limitation, what you are able to do with the service, has been improved upon as well. You can use this connection with a laptop. This means that you can plug in a 4G modem into your laptop from anywhere and if there is a network signal you automatically have a high speed Internet connection. This means that you can write those long, detailed emails, and view all of those complicated websites with no problems because you’re doing it from your computer instead of your cellular phone. It also means that you can have the freedom and ability to use it anywhere that you gained with 3G service on your cellular phone. It’s the best of both worlds combined and improved on. It’s difficult to imagine what might be next for us when it comes to Internet accessories. Until then, 4G Internet has provided us with a great new piece of technology that every household will know about in no time.

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