Unless you are lucky enough to have an employer (or maybe a rich uncle) willing to foot the bill for your upcoming move, you are officially in the DIY moving category. Most of us in the same boat are faced with a few options; rent a moving truck and drive it yourself; hire movers to pack, load, and transport your belongings; or secure yourself some handy dandy storage pods.

In 1996, Tim Riley, former Marketing Director for Shurgard Storage Centers, came up with a novel idea…deliver wood boxes to consumers, let them pack em’ up, then return and haul the boxes to a secure storage facility. The whole idea was about convenience – it saved consumers from having to rent a truck and take multiple trips to a storage facility. From there, a few competitors started to offer the same types of services. These convenient storage pods became a safe, secure, and hassle-free way to store one’s personal or business property.

A portable storage unit or pod is simply a sturdy container built specifically for the purposes of security, transportation and storage. Most storage pods are designed to be about 5 – 15ft wide x 7 – 20ft long and approximately 8ft high. They typically hold between 1 and 3 rooms worth of furnishings and/or boxes. They are delivered to your home or business and you are given a few days to load. Being in control of how your property is packed keeps your kitchenware away from your lawn tools and makes unloading so much easier. You control the key to your units and most companies will allow you to access your containers throughout your storage period if necessary.

Moving is one of the more stressful events in one’s life so knowing your belongings are secure allows you to focus on your new city, new job, or new relationship and makes that cross country trek a little cheaper…not to mention a little more enjoyable. When you’ve landed in your new place all you do is make a call and schedule the delivery of your containers. Depending on where you move, your home furnishings could be at your door in as little as 24 hours! You take your time unpacking and voila, the empty containers are picked up and you are officially moved!

Storage pods are versatile. They give you the flexibility of scheduling your re-delivery when it’s convenient. If you have a lag in between your old home and finding your new home, you don’t have to worry about packing and unpacking more than once. Similarly, if you are waiting for a custom home to be built, you don’t have to find a local storage facility to house your belongings while you wait. You can even take advantage of portable storage pods when deciding to study/work abroad or during the replacement of your hard wood floors.

While the versatility and convenience of portable storage units is abundant, the low-cost will likely surprise you. Some companies charge as little as $50/month to store your containers and the delivery/re-delivery fees are just as reasonable. If you find yourself coming up short in the “rich uncle” category, do not despair….portable storage pods is likely a perfect solution…well that and some good beer-drinking, pizza-eating friends to help load and unload the big stuff.