Do you know ugly websites can also convert? Yes.. they can! If you have been around marketing or website conversion optimization for long, then you’ve surely heard that.

Though it’s a very simplistic view of website design, still it’s has the potential to do wonders. There are some incredibly famous and high converting ugly websites out there that can allow you to make some website design tweaks in order to boost conversion ratio of your website.

But how and why those ugly website designs perform better from a marketer’s as well as user’s perspective?

Without a business website design, your branding company in Dubai won’t be able to retain visitors or convert them. Providing value to your customers is something that makes them to convert. Each website should have a strong and unique value proposition if they really wish to attract and retain customers. Google offers marketers highly relevant search results for any particular keyword or phrase you search. The better your offer to customers are, the more likely you are to have a better conversion ratio, no matter how clean or ugly your website design is.

Besides your value proposition, your website design can and does affect your website’ conversion rate. The more relevant your value proposition, the more improved your conversion rate will be. Conversely, the more frustrating user experience is, the lower your conversion rate will be. Believe it or not, urgency is the major factor that can make people to convert. If truth be told, website design can be affected by three factors.

1. Clarity

2. Anxiety

3. Distractions

Urgency can be promoted by web design, but it is mostly driven by your unique value proposition and engaging content. However, relevance is solely reflected by the visitors you are aiming to target, and how you are presenting you offer to them.

How Your Web Design Affects Clarity

Besides offering a strong value proposition, you also need to convey it effectively. This includes your website content, your formatting and website design. A high-converting website leads visitors from one element to another. While, a low-converting website can distract visitors because of poor formatting, content or layout (design).

When it comes to distractions, sliders, gifs, and vibrant background images are common distractions, if unnecessarily used, on so-called pretty websites that lead to more distractions – therefore, keep your web design as simple as possible to keep your visitors less distracted.

Ultimately, clarity also depends on how you display different elements on your website. Generally, if you include the more complex functionality, then chances are it will distract users from the main intent. Obviously, if your design doesn’t display correctly, chances are your visitors will never see the value you can offer.

However, ugly website design that convert are designed keeping minimalistic approach in mind, containing all the important elements with zero distractions. They are displayed in a very logical manner, with the main intent of the page front and center. Websites with no pretty images, no fancy layout just engaging content with white background can work for your business. Trust me, they work!


It’s not about pretty or ugly websites that convert, it’s about how they function and what they offer to users. There are many well-designed websites that convert and function well, as well as ugly websites that convert and function great.

It would be a great decision to seek professional website design services from a top-notch brand solutions company Dubai, because if your business website is designed perfectly with all the neat and clean elements, chances are your website will grow and get more profits.