The digital transformation has completely changed the business landscape in record time. We seldom stop to take stock of the situation, but the events of the past few years make it much easier to follow these Hard Trends to predict the future.

The facts speak for themselves. What we now take for granted would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. Think about it: The world’s largest cab company, Uber, does not own any cars. Airbnb offers more rooms worldwide than the biggest hotel chains and yet owns no property.

Meanwhile, the most valuable retailer in the world carries no stock. You could argue that Facebook is the largest media company, too, though it does not create any content. Do you see a pattern here?

These industries were forced to learn the hard way what happens when you try to delay the inevitable and fail to adapt quickly enough to the Hard Trends shaping the future.

Despite the clear warning signs for every industry, there are still those who believe that the old way of doing things will continue to work for another 10 years. The incoming freight train of technological change has done little to change those who find comfort in burying their heads in the sand and considering game-changing innovations hype.

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