Parents always want the best for their kids, and certainly, there is no better way to a child’s heart than buying some attractive toys. Many parents often prefer their kids to choose their toys, and the obvious picks are always the flashy plastic toys while the wooden ones are ever getting overlooked. The alarming news is that the plastic materials contain many carcinogenic substances can lead to health developmental issues. Parents are ever advised to put the safety of the children first, and that aspect starts by picking the right toys. Though wood is a less popular material for children toys, the benefit of it is that it is very safe and does no harm to the environment, unlike plastic. Here are some reasons why parents should insist on picking wooden toys over the plastic ones.

It is fun to make wood toys at home

Besides being used to provide fun, toys can act as a learning point which can enable children to gain critical skills that can prepare their subsequent life for the better. Many plastic toys are ready-made, and that means they rarely allow for a room through which children can fully engage their creative thoughts. As a parent, you can dedicate some time and solely focus on making a toy, not forgetting to have your child’s contribution during the whole process. They will absolutely love the idea, gain vital toy assembly skills and as a parent, you will surely love the approach.

Making a wooden toy at home is incredibly simple and fun-filled. You will need to have the right wood material and tools such hammers, nails as router bits which you can use to make different cutting profiles for the toy. Involving your child will be a fun experience, and that is a joy that can’t be experienced if you head directly to the shop to buy a plastic toy. In the end, you will have something that your kid will definitely like and by engaging your child in making the toy, be certain that he/she stands to gain vital skills.

Picking wood toys over plastic toys is an environmentally friendly decision

Plastic materials are considered among the biggest source of environmental pollution. Sadly, increasing demand for plastic toys is driving many toy companies to continue using plastics in their manufacturing process. Consequently, plastic toys then contribute to massive plastics pile once the lifetime of the toys has come to an end. Wood doesn’t contribute to environmental degradation in any way, and that means picking a wood toy for your child surely pass as an environment-cautious decision.

Wooden toys are cheaper and not prone to unnecessary breakages

In instances wooden toys are broken to the extent they are rendered not functional, the wood material can simply be put to other uses such as lighting fires. Besides, it is possible to have repairs on minor breakages that may be present in wooden toys, an aspect which is not possible with plastic toys. Plastic toys are often rendered non-functional and become an eyesore if any components in them are broken. Such instances often push parents to spend unreasonably huge money amounts just for buying toys. Meanwhile, it is worth noting that wood toys are cheaper than plastic ones, and that means parents can say goodbye to the frustrating thoughts of having to buy new toys if any plastic toys breakages are reported.