A mortise lock is fitted inside the door. Manufacturers of mortise handles and locks are usually supplying their products range to corporate sector. You can find mortise locks in older building doors that were installed when the board cylindrical locks were not there. The lock has a body that is located inside the mortise handle, a lock trim, lever or pulls.

Mortise locks for safety

It is really hard for intruders to open the mortise locks. It is because the mortise locks are fitted inside the door and thus, intruders need force to open them. The mortise lock system is cut into the edge of doors and you can only see the faceplate when the door is half closed. There are different notches and levers present in the locks that make the lock difficult to pick. You must select a mortise lock at the store that has minimum 5 to 6 lock lever or a cylinder lock that is impossible to open or pick in the absence of the key.

Availability of mortise locks means distinct range of locks to use for meeting distinct needs. If you want to replace your old mortise lock with the new one, you must get the lock with same dimensions to prevent making of new holes to fit the lock body to the door.

Dual locking system – You may get a mortise lock with dual locking system from manufacturers. Both the inside and outside locking feature makes it good if locking doors from the outside is crucial.

Aesthetically pleasing – Unlike other door knobs and accessories available in the market, mortise category is more pleasing due to its old antique charm. However, it is a task to install mortise lock with the help of any person but not a professional, these products are still one of the most preferred door locks for people.

Passage function – Mortise locks are intended with a passage function. It means these locks don’t need a key and cannot be locked. And you can open and close them all times without encountering locking troubles. You can install these locks in children’s bedroom door or bathrooms to prevent accidental locking and easy access to their rooms.

For more details on mortise products, you can reach to mortise handles suppliers in your area. Many manufacturing companies are making global delivery for their products; you can consider them and get the best deal for your place.