Leather material is more expensive than other materials. Even with increased production in cloths plus reduced prices, leather bound books never go out of fashion. They are physically attractive and cost more. Take for instance personal journals which are mainly covered in leather. Other materials like paper may be cheap but do not serve for longer periods.

Cloth vs. leather bindings

Fabrics are cheaper and can be produced in diverse colors but leather is expensive and can only be produced in limited colors.

Many techniques are applicable in leather covers e.g. extruding and embossing. This is not the case with cloths.

Leather is resistant to water damage and this makes it better than fabrics.

Maintaining neatness in fabric-bound notebooks is cumbersome. Leather covers are easier to clean hence improved neatness.

Even though leather can crack over time, clothes get damaged faster.

Some clothes are sensitive to light but leather isn’t.

Unparalleled benefits

The only benefit that cloth seem to have over leather covers is that it is cheaper. If you are travelling in places with adverse climates, leather covers are the beat because they are resistant to water, light, and sun unlike clothes which cannot stand such factors. You also find that leather notebooks are a lot easier to carry because they are flexible. Clothes covers are combined with rigid cardboards or soft wood.

Any leather notebook cover has a sense of gravitas. It is classy and looks significant when handheld. This is the reason most religious and law books are covered in faux leather to emphasize their importance.

This is not to say that fabric notebooks aren’t worthy. They are suitable for miscellaneous activities like noting shopping lists and attending temporal classes. They are also ideal for jotting down recipes because clothes absorb smells. However, if you want a long-lasting notebook, opt for leather because it hardly gets stained.

Various uses of leather notebooks

Leather notebooks serve a lot of purposes and for many reasons, people adore them.

Documentation: They help us keep a log of many things in life e.g. daily routine schedules, class notes, to-do-lists, tracking weight loss etc. They are the best reminders of anything that needs to be done.

Organizing: A notebook will keep your daily life organized. Sometimes you have a list of customers you want to keep their contacts and maybe your phone cannot accommodate. It is easier to refer to a small journal and compare important notes.

Ledgers: You can keep a record of daily spending your aim is to save money for important things in life.

Micro Journal: You have an opportunity to put down your daily thoughts and keep diaries. A notebook can be a source of inspiration in future when you look back at what you’ve been doing and thinking.

Scholars adore libraries particularly those packed with leather journals which are so appealing. A learning environment requires motivational elements like leather covers for notebooks.