Buildings happen now, and then, therefore construction companies need more people to work with them, in most countries like this one people don’t do much about construction, and therefore young people don’t want to study building courses. Most construction and civil engineering jobs have few people who pursue it as a course. Below are some of the reasons why there is a shortage of such people in the UK.


Most individuals who have been doing constructions have grown old and retired, and therefore, young people are refusing to do development course with fear of dying in the sites and having to work as casuals. Also, these companies opt to hire employees with a broad experience to handle construction work. Therefore, those with fewer experience stay unemployed or pursue other courses.

Reduced Payment

With the job being unstable so is the payment, people are opting to look for well-paying employment and stable jobs to sustain their families. Most of the jobs they choose do not require a lot of experience and a lot of training.

Poor Skills Selection

Most companies do not want to employ people with the right skills because they will ask for a large payment, in turn, they opt to hire unskilled individuals who have not done any course in civil engineering. They become casuals and can be fired quickly, and no pension is given.

No permanent Jobs

Most of these companies do not hire many permanent employees so that they may not use them their service and also pension; this is making the young people not to look for a job in construction companies but rather opt to search for jobs in business and economy sectors that offer good salaries and pensionable jobs.

No Parent Support

Parents are not encouraging their children to pursue construction course but rather encourage them to pursue law, medicine, and finance to better their future, because of this reason children are disliking civil engineering and are spreading the negativity to their friends. Therefore, most bright children do not do such course, and that’s why there are employment uneducated people.