Since time immemorial, knives have been a loyal and trusty partner of men. In this modern world, they still serve a lot of good purposes. From being in an adventurer’s kit to companions of scuba divers, and even firefighters, they do their task faithfully. There are life or death situations where these tools are the heroes. There are also daily situations like opening a can or tearing up a sealed wrapper where knives are used.

The most best folding knife is the switchblade, also known as an automatic knife. It is a kind of knife that automatically springs out with the press of a button or lever. There are two types of switchblades: side-opening and out-the-front (OTF). A side-opening knife’s blade comes out of the side of its handle, just like a folding knife. An OTF knife’s blade, on the other hand, slides directly forward out of the tip of its handle; shot by a spring mechanism inside. OTF knives require the user to manually retract the blade.

If you happen to be looking for quality OTF or folding knives, check out folding knives. Each folding knives is built with quality craftsmanship making it a great choice.

There is, however, a concern that comes with switchblades. They are prohibited by law in many places. Fortunately, folding knives provided a way to resolve this concern. They produced an alternative knife, spring assisted knives.

Spring assisted knives of folding knives are easy and safe to use everyday tools. They open just as fast as switchblade but they are safer. When opening, you press a sliding button on the knife’s handle and pull the blade using the thumb stud or flipper. When the blade is out a little bit, the spring will automatically and safely push the blade all the way out.

Spring assisted knives open just as fast as automatic knives or switchblades and the best thing is that they are legal just about everywhere. This reason for this is because unlike an automatic switchblade that opens instantly with just one push of a button, spring assisted knives have a much safer mechanism.

Folding knives offer a wide variety of styles to choose from. There you will find knives suited for different purposes aside from their very popular spring assisted knives. They are made of high-quality materials coupled with outstanding designs.

There are many tools considered to be important in the kit of a hiker or backpacker. But the knife is one object that no outdoor enthusiast should ever venture forth without. This one accessory offers many tactical advantages and can be used in a variety of ways to handle a variety of situations. It is not just a protective weapon in case of any wildlife attacks. The knife will be your survival kit as it will come in handy to cut your food, ropes or any other aspect that need attention. Many backpackers swear by this tool and never go out without it.

Now that you understand the importance of this knife, let us look at some important aspects you should be looking at before you actually buy one. Custom folding knives are available in all kinds of types and styles in the market and many brands sell them with some nifty added features. There is a lot of variety out there and you must know which of them a better buy is.