The question why do people commit suicide is one of those mysteries that can never be solved completely because there are lots of cases in which perfectly happy people committed suicide out of nowhere. Psychiatrists and scholars are trying to find out the reasons that can motivate someone to kill himself. They have come across several reasons and some of the most common causes of suicide are listed here.

Why Do People Commit Suicide: Traumatic Experiences

Traumatic experiences in life lead humans to make an extreme decision. A traumatic experience can be of any kind like the death of loved one, loss of job, loss of business, physical abuse, sexual abuse, accident, or any other experience of this type. One thing common in all these events is that they all are negative experiences and they lead extreme mental stress. So stress is the main cause here but a traumatic experience triggers the stress. Some people are strong enough to sustain the stress of one or two extreme events but when multiple negative incidents happen to them they lose control. On the other hand, some people lose control after single extremely bad experience but according to specialists a person should have the highest level of desperation or stress to take the as severe step as suicide. It is also not necessary that a person should experience something bad. Stress can also be induced by the current events and incident around the person. For instance, in times of war when a person sees the death of innocent people, he feels the stress and anxiety even though he stays safe during the war. Hundreds of people commit suicide after the World Wars because they were sensitive enough to feel the pain of other so intensely that they preferred to leave the world instead of living in it. This mentality seems humane but suicide is not the right response to the traumatic experiences. There are lots of other things that a person can do but every person can’t realize this therefore suicides happen.

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Why Do People Commit Suicide: Disorders

There are different types of disorders like mental, physical, and behavioral disorders. All these disorders can lead to suicide. If a person has physical disorder by birth then the chances for him to commit suicide are less as compared to the one who experience physical disorder due to any accident. It is because a physically fit person knows the feeling to be fit and when he loses his physical fitness then it induces negative feeling more strongly.

 If a physical disorder is of severe nature and people around the disable person are not very helpful then the chances are very high that this person will commit the suicide. In this case the physical pain and inability to do daily life task encourage the person to get rid of this world in pursuit of ending the pain. Not all mental illnesses lead to suicide but some mental disorders certainly lead to suicide. There is no clear evidence which mental illness can ultimately lead to suicide because it is a very complicated field of study. Understanding why people commit suicide is relatively simple when you try to understand it through the eye of suicider therefore investigators make a profile of the suicider and try to know every single detail of his or her life to find out which factor lead him to kill himself. The behavioral disorder is most dangerous among these three medical disorders. This disorder is very difficult to explain usually continuous abuse in the childhood of a person lead to behavior disorder. For instance, if a baby is exposed to intense physical violence then it effects its mind and he tends to think that physical violence is a normal activity which is not against the moral value. This person can take his life and lives of other people too.

Why Do People Commit Suicide: Depression

One of the leading causes of suicide is depression. Depression has a lot to do with the events in the life of a person but it is primarily linked to the interoperation and reaction of the person toward certain events. A man can stay relax after losing his job but another can take extreme mental stress on losing a small portion f his salary. One bad event usually doesn’t lead to depression. A chain of bad events or totally negative mentality of a person usually leads to depression. There is no age for depression. A school can be depressed by the excessive workload from school and pressure of getting good marks from parents and society. Usually, people with lots of responsibility go to the state of depression due to the burden of their responsibilities. This is a very common cause of suicide but it is curable. Some people find the cure in their religion and they claim to find the peace after following certain beliefs of their religion. Some people find its cure through psychiatrists who tune their behavior, mental approach, and attitude. There is no need to change the reality to treat a patient with depression; the change in mentality can do the trick. Lots of motivational speakers are also helping depressed people all over the world and taking them out of their suicidal thoughts. You can also join a special support group to get out of your depressed life.

It is interesting to note here how people kill themselves because the way they try to kill their self tells a lot about their mental status, feelings, and psychology. The human mind is very strange, it makes people extremely bizarre stuff that even highly experienced psychologists find hard to explain. You must take keep you mind fresh and if you are experiencing any of the aforementioned cause of suicide then it is time to consult a professional psychologist because life is precious and your loved ones need you no matter how they are behaving right now. source: