The most preferred worktop material products by an architect, designer, home owner and property developer are those which contain natural properties such as Unique Calacatta quartz, which has become very popular during the last year two for Compac quartz worktops and many other applications including flooring, cladding and feature walls.

It is greatly recommended because it is non-toxic and protects the surfaces in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms from bacterial attack. It is also recommended for sensitive environments such as laboratories and healthcare facilities. If you have a family, this detail is of utmost importance to assure their welfare.

Further to this, it is anti-mould which makes it ideal to apply in humid ambiences such as bathrooms, pool surrounds, flooring and many other areas that tend to be in contact with water and other liquids.

Unique Calacatta by Compac contains approximately 96% pure quartz and 4% resins that provide a natural colour and unique patterns of golden veins with greys tones in a clean white background.

It is an extreme sturdy and resistant product with the compositions that hardens its anti-abrasion properties over time, cold and hot weather. It can also be applied in flooring, kitchen worktop, façade and several other applications, including areas with the heavy foot traffic of people such as hotels, bars, restaurants and retail outlets.

The variety of the slab is suitable for all projects with reasonable prices in comparison to other options such as Calacatta Oro or Italian Statuario marble. If you are looking for a product with optimal dimensions, thickness and finishes, there is no need to look further.

The aesthetic and technical properties continue to exist regardless of the size of the project and usage of the surfaces over time. While the natural white colour finishes the job with nothing less than a spectacular and luxurious look.

Unique Calacatta can be applied throughout the ambience with no restrictions; fireplaces, walls and tables are some of the applications in that this will be a perfectly suitable material which will match with any given type of product you may have in a space such as wooden, stainless and plastic.

The mix between rocks is interesting and its unique smooth texture gives the final exclusive touch to the style of all Compac quartz worktops and several other products from the second largest producer of quartz in the world.

When it comes to finishing, doubts about staining always come to the mind of the buyer, and Calacatta is purely stain-resistant. Technological quartz is a non-porous stone, so it does not absorb liquid, even on a pure white quartz surface such as Compac Absolute Blanc.

As previously mentioned, this material has quartz as predominant composition, a very hard material (it is the third strongest mineral on earth after Diamond and Ruby) and this characterises the exceptional resistance of Unique Calacatta which is very practical to have at home and/or office since it requires minimal efforts to maintain its intense brightness. You just have to wipe it with mild soap and cloth, and if you see any spots, do not worry because it is extremely stain resistant.

White is a classic colour that is easy to match with other tones. It is also discreet, whilst highlighting every corner of the space in a very sophisticated way.

That is the leading role played by Unique Calacatta quartz and one of the advantages that make it so successful and became preferential for designers in the marketplace. Its exclusive hue attracts light and provides a clean, calm and peaceful aspect of any space at all times even hardcore areas such flooring and walls.

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