What Is Expat Insurance?

When an employee is placed overseas, he no longer lives the same life. On top of it, he feels extremely vulnerable in a foreign land. It is the responsibility of an employer to ensure the wellbeing of expatriate employees. This is where Expat insurance makes an appearance. To provide employees great benefits wherever they live and work is what exactly the role of International Employer Insurance is.

To set the record straight, there are a variety of products and programs to serve global expatriate employees. It is crucial to figure out the best International Employer Insurance plan for your employees.

Working permit in China for expats

Health and Personal Safety

As employees reside in different parts of the world for a short or long period on business, they are exposed to manifold medical and safety jeopardies caused by both humans and nature. The influence may vary from a minor problem to an event involving severe physical injuries and health issues. It is significant for you as an employer to have a suitable global mobility plan to protect your internationally mobile employees, control the risks and respond to incidents.

Expatriate Risk Management

Due to unpredictable financial burdens, there are a number of calamities that can take place abroad with your employees that you may be oblivious to. Global coverage for your expat employees can insure them against health and life risks virtually anywhere in the world.

Employer Duties

Employers must comply with several duties regarding expat employees. These are:

  • Educating employees about the perils of international mobility and carrying out a prior evaluation of the safety of operational sites
  • Delivering suitable information about dangers and safety, and offering advice and instruction to employees stationed in wild areas
  • Getting employees ready for international mobility and executing a mobility risk protocol
  • Preparing processes for dealing with travel-related event
  • Providing sufficient insurance covering damage, injury and loss suffered by expat employees
  • Being completely insured in a foreign country deals with more than just a medical plan.

Your employees may need coverage for outpatient treatment, hospitalisation & inpatient care, dental, vision, pharmacy, maternity and wellness benefits. All this and more is covered through International Employer Insurance normally. Although it is tricky to deliver health and related benefit solutions around the world, the right company will help you build flexible plans for your employees. You’re bound to ensure the peak level of value and employee satisfaction.

Never compromise on the coverage of expat employees just to cut down costs. Otherwise, your employees may lose trust for you, leading to poor staff retention in your company.

This is not all; Expat international employer insurance is an opportunity for employers to increase employee engagement and to differentiate themselves from competitors. Expats must enlighten themselves on what their employer-sponsored benefits essentially cover and do not cover. After gaining the required information, an expat employee can try talking to their employer to get their total employee benefits package maximised.

Keep your employees satisfied anywhere & everywhere they are placed in the world!