The HR department of any company is responsible for recruitment, headhunting, payroll, employee development, employee retention and discipline including employment law. No wonder then, that many small and medium business choose to outsource and procure some professional HR support, whether permanently on an as-required basis.

Why Outsource?

There are many massive advantages to a smaller business of getting outside HR support. Outsourcing means access to a raft of HR specialists and experts – the cost of hiring even one full time professional could be prohibitive for many businesses.


By keeping HR support outsourced, there are no issues around confidentiality. It can be difficult for an employee involved in a grievance or disciplinary to know that colleagues are aware of potentially sensitive situations and highly personal information.

It’s clear that asking for HR Support can be a huge benefit to a business. Don’t waste time and money trying to do something yourself which can be done properly, by the professionals.

Save Money

Outsourcing HR can save your business money. Many smaller businesses tend not to require a full-time or permanent HR team and so, by outsourcing, can use HR only when need arises. Perhaps they rarely recruit, or employ only a small team in which case it’s logical to use an outside HR consultancy for support. This may also reduce the cost of overheads as expensive, specialist HR and Payroll systems aren’t required. You pay only for what you use.


A specialist HR consultancy will provide your business with a range of professionals. Smaller business managers may fulfil some HR functions, but HR can be a minefield and really does require an expert. As with any business skill or speciality, HR professionals possess a comprehensive range of knowledge, experience and expertise.

Save Time and Act Fast

HR problems can occur suddenly, and the law must be worked within at all time. By outsourcing HR, issues can be dealt with immediately. This can also ensure employee satisfaction and relations are always taken care of.


Managers and business owners often try to take over some of their HR functions. However, this can take them away from what they’re actually good at – the lifeblood of their business which brings in the money. Outsourcing can therefore promote efficiency. Recruiting staff can be extremely labour intensive – leave it to the professionals and get on with making a profit.


Unless your business has a full-time, dedicated HR department, compliance can fall by the wayside. Seeking support from an HR consultancy ticks all the boxes and ensures your business is working within the law – potentially avoiding any costly and reputation-damaging problems.

Training and Development

Many smaller businesses really struggle to offer tailored employee development and training programmes. Where would they start? Which employees need what? Outside HR professionals can create training programmes, courses, incentives, appraisal systems – in fact complete and bespoke performance management processes. Once again, this can really help a business grow, develop and become even more profitable. Employee development will also help employee satisfaction and thus retention – most employees will wish to learn and grow within their career and not doing so is one of the main causes of staff leaving.


A good business name within the industry – and indeed within the community – doesn’t happen overnight. However, it can be damaged far more quickly. Outsourced HR support can ensure potential candidates receive good, clear communication, including feedback after interview.

As you Like it

Outsourcing HR functions offers much more flexibility than your own HR department in terms of hours worked and availability, location and ability to move around if required.