The Travel companies around the world have listed have listed a couple of new trends that are panning out in the year 2017. These new trends specify what tourists love to do during their vacations.

The trends include women going solo, self-planners, wellness freaks and food lovers. But the trend that is defining 2017 and is sure to stay is living in a homestay.

The living in a homestay gives the real feel of living with locals. You indulge in activities that help you gain local experience via cycling tours and heritage walking tours. The millennial are embracing this trend because they want to gain immersive and interactive experiences instead of mere sightseeing.

With the current trend picking up and creating a sense of place, the travellers across India have come up with impressive Coorg Homestay Packages. 

Advantage of Coorg Homestay Packages

The main advantage of Coorg Homestay Packages is that it facilitates the travel experience by the connecting us with like-minded people local people.

Some people have started terming it as the next disruption in the hotel business as it provides a perfect alternative accommodation option for visitors. Thus it is bound to create an impact on the profitability and revenues within the hospitality sector.

According to a news report recently published in some leading newspapers of UK, more than 2 million students are making use of Homestay Packages for overseas study every year.

In India, Homestay have become the trendiest things for travellers. They are high in demand because homestay brings accommodation option even in the far-flung and remote areas of the country. The far-flung areas in India are out of reach of conventional hotels.

The Coorg Homestay Packages promises unique travel experience with a local flavor.

The Coorg Homestay Packages provides people with an alternative source of income that is why most people today think of investing in a Home Stay.

The one more reason why Coorg homestay packages are becoming a trend in India is that there is an estimated shortage of above two lakh hotel rooms. Although the Government of India is planning to create additional 2.5 million rooms in the sector of hospitality that is still on papers and till this plan is not given a practical shape, the Coorg Homestay packages will remain in trend.

Tailpiece: The government of India has expanded its e-visa facilities to over 150 nations, so the number of foreign visitors into India is expected to increase further. And as the Government of India will keep on relaxing the Visa rules, the popularity of Coorg homestay packages is expected to grow further in the country.