Roger Moore is the invincible star of the 1970’s to 1980’s. He played the titular character of James bond in several Bond movies. This made him the longest featuring Bond. Roger met a sad demise after a prolonged battle with cancer. Moore added wit and quirkiness to every character he played on screen. He is often remembered for incessant appearances in the Bond series. Not many people know that he was a much bigger star even before played Bond roles. He featured in the famous spy show of the British television called “The Saint.” Roger played the character named Simon Templar. Below are a host of unknown facts about the star who wowed screen viewers.

The First life

Moore was born in the year 1927 on 14th of October in Stockwell in London. He was the only child of his parents. Moore’s father was a policeman and mother had birth roots in India. He attended the Grammar school of Battersea. Roger later participated in the Launceston College during world war second. He completed his final education at the Grammar school of Dr. Challoner’s in Buckinghamshire. After the end of the world war, he was commissioned for military services. He was promoted to the rank of second lieutenant in the Service Corps of the Royal Army. Moore eventually progressed to being the captain and commanded a depot in West Germany.

The actor life

Apart from the Bond movies as stated above he was renowned playing on screen characters on television. Some of his other notable TV works include the show named “Maverick”, “The Alaskans” and “Ivanhoe”. The movies include “Spice world” and “The Cannonball Run. Others include the spoof called “Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore”. He made his first TV appearance during the 1940’s in “The Governess”. The fact that made him distinct from his fellow contemporaries is that he was the highly paid actor. He also performed the action stunts himself. Indeed an actor par excellence who was a darling of the fans.

The life with health battles

Moor had a history of suffering from diseases. He suffered from measles pneumonia, jaundice and mumps since childhood. At an early age of eight, he underwent circumcision because of an infected foreskin. Roger also underwent removal of the appendix, adenoids, and tonsils. He was a sufferer of stones in the kidney and was operated while he was filming. In 1993 he was diagnosed with cancer of the prostate. While he was completely cured, he suddenly fell prey to a deadly heart attack. He had a pacemaker fitted and was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. He later succumbed to a brief battle with cancer that marked the legend’s end.

The Samaritan Life

Moore undertook the poignant work with UNICEF in his lifetime. He was a true Samaritan who indulged in charitable works of the society. For his notable works, he was awarded the Commander of the Order from the British Empire. Moore was even upgraded to the position of the Knight Commander for his works. He finally earned the real accolade of being called a “star” on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. Finally, the French also decided to make him the Commander of Ordre Arts Des Lettres. The only thing which is pretty surprising for this gem of a gentleman is his quest for love. He had a couple of failed and abusive marriages with cruel wives. Despite all of this he remains the indefatigable shining star amidst many.