Gym and workout studios have the advantage of housing multiple exercise machines suited to people with different needs. Whether it is strength training, gaining some muscle or burning away fat, exercise and staying active is important for a healthy body. With office jobs and a hectic lifestyle, people find it difficult to take out time to stretch and exercise. Signing up for a gym allows you to get measured, and work on building strength and improving metabolism.

Workout studios have some exercise machines, some of which are for strenuous exercises while some are for light exercises. Few work by targeting specific muscle compartments, while some exercise machines inculcate whole body workout. Exercise machines should be used according to the person’s use and activity level – some people prefer brisk walking or running, while some people aim to exhaust their muscles with resistance training. While using the same exercise machine for more than 30 minutes can be monotonous, using multiple machines along with mat exercises ensures your time at the gym is well spent. Working out on the exercise machine is focused on burning a solid number of calories, so mentioned below are specific exercise machines and their uses:

1. Treadmill

Running is a full body exercise that promotes movement and coordination between muscles while also improving posture. Treadmills have a variety of speed settings, as well as the option of incline. They also have handrails to support yourself while changing speeds. While walking on the treadmill burns only 150 to 400 calories per four, jogging or running improves the calorie burnout to more than 800 calories per hour! Jogging while increasing incline also increases the number of calories you can burn. Alternatively, initially jogging then increasing the speed for a short period stimulates your muscles to work more and burn more calories in a lesser period.

2. Stationary Bike

While specifically targeting the quadriceps muscles, The Stationary Bike is an excellent exercise machine to work on toning your legs. Stationary Bikes have different resistance levels, which can be used to alter the effort your muscles have to make to complete a certain number of laps. Despite only working on lower limb muscles, the Stationary Bike burns a shocking 500-1000 calories per hour.

3. Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical Trainer is also an excellent exercise machine for a full body workout. Its pedals work from the momentum generated by moving the legs, and you can use the handrails to inculcate a workout for your upper body. Elliptical Trainer uses lesser momentum with time, so users need to increase the resistance levels to improve calorie expenditure. However, with the right level of resistance, you can burn 700-900 calories per hour on the elliptical machine.

4. The Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is very awe-inspiring to look at in sports competitions, and while the exercise machine may appear simple, it packs a lot of strength. Rowing is an excellent upper and lower body workout and increases stamina while promoting caloric burnout. Rowing in short bursts of slow and fast rowing helps you burn 1000 calories per hour easily. While there are other exercise machines, the ones mentioned promote both upper and lower body workout. While most commonly used by beginners, the speed and resistance levels of these machines can be adjusted to get maximum caloric output from the body. While working out, make sure to mix a few workouts and take 5-minute breaks between each session on machines. Some exercise machines also allow you to play music from your phone, so you can play some fast tracks to set the mood for your workout. When you look fit, you’ll feel fit, and you’ll have a positive outlook on life.