The landscape of the Great Wall varies according to the season, which offers different characteristics and more substance for photographers seeking to obtain some characteristic photographic works at any time of the year. In addition, if you are a normal tourist, the best time to enjoy Great wall tour is spring and autumn, especially May, September and early October, when it is usually sunny, with good temperatures, leaving you comfortable and refreshed. Although it is hotter, from June to August, since the high season is in those months.

Most popular sections of the Great Wall are located around Beijing where the temperatures remain colder and rainier since the perfect weather at Great Wall is in the mountains.


In spring, when trees and plants are green, the Pleasant weather at Great wall wanders among the rich vegetation. Everything looks very fresh. It is a good time to get away from the tourist masses of summer and fall.


Summer arrives and the colored flowers give a tempting look to the mountains. The Great Wall winds its way like a silver necklace, clearly visible in the strong light of the mountain.

The Great Wall of Beijing normally enjoys blue skies and temperatures from 25ºC (77ºF) in summer. Although, July and August are the months when most of the year’s rainfall, so it is recommended to bring rain gear.


When autumn falls, the mountains are covered in red, gold, yellow and brown colors, creating an incredible view and the weather during this time is very comfortable. This station is often recommended as the best station for Great wall tour. Temperatures of 10 ° to 20 ° C (50 ° -68 ° F).


The mountains and the wall itself are usually covered with snow in winter, offering an incredible snowy landscape. The climate at this time of year is 0º to 10ºC (32º-50ºF). During the Chinese New Year period (usually held between late January and early February), Badaling section of the Great Wall is crowded with Chinese tourists.

What to Bring?


The variation of temperatures between day and night, along the Great Wall, is obvious. Wear loose cotton t-shirts and wide pants instead of blue jeans. Although, if you go in summer, wear shorts for day trips and wear warm clothing such as a jacket or a sweater for the evening, as it will feel a bit cold, particularly in the fall.

For the inclination that is along the wall, sneakers will be a good choice for footwear. Never wear heels or suffer fatigue in a short time and in any event can be dangerous in these types of sites. Either way, make it as comfortable as possible.

Food and drink

The tour will last around 2-3 hours. Take some snacks with you, but water is very necessary to avoid dehydration. You can buy any of the things in the Badaling section, but probably at a much higher price. Remember, there is no sale of anything in other sections. Although, do not drink much water, since there are no other way, only those that are around the ticket office and entrance.

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