With our technology getting better and more advanced every day, it wouldn’t be a surprise that there would be new innovations that will come our way in almost everything that we have. For water heaters, choosing between the traditional storage type and the tankless type are no longer the only options that you have. Hybrid water heaters are now being introduced to the market and are also slowly gaining its popularity.

It has already been established that a tankless water heater is more efficient compared to storage type. In this case, we will be looking at the main difference of the hybrid type and the tankless water heater.

What is a Hybrid Water Heater?

When we hear the word “hybrid” the first thing that comes to mind would be a combination of two aspects. And for water heaters, the only thing that we could combine would the storage and the tankless type. So how does it work?

A hybrid heat-pump water heater works by absorbing the heat from its surrounding air and pumps it into the storage. And when we say storage, it means that it also uses a tank. Water is stored in the tank and keeps it at a certain temperature to maintain heat. However, unlike storage water heaters, it does not use gas or electricity to keep the temperature all the time. Its heat pump uses thermal energy to provide heat drawn from the air and then to the tank. This process has been proven to be more energy efficient compared to other types.

On the other hand, hybrid water heaters may have some requirements wherein it may cost more to have them installed. To start with, it will need at least 1,000 cu ft of air surrounding which makes it not advisable to install in small spaces or cabinets. As it makes use of the surrounding air, it will work best if you live in a place where the climate is mostly warm. It may also require upgrading or adjust current pipe settings as they are side-piped. It also has a filter that has to be maintained regularly to ensure its efficiency.

What is a Tankless Water Heater?

Basically, as the name implies, you won’t be seeing any tanks at home in order to get a good amount of hot water. Tankless heaters can be powered by using gas or electricity. The water is heated as it passes through the pipes; this process makes it also efficient as you only use energy when you need them. Tankless water heaters may also need some upgrades when switching from a traditional storage type.

For electric type, there might be a need for a dedicated circuit breaker or some electric wires upgrade. On the other hand, gas types will require venting which would add more to the cost of investment aside from the price of the unit itself.

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Which one is better?

Both types of water heater are effective to use, however, there might be some differences when it comes to its energy efficiency levels. Based on the information above, it easy to say that hybrid water heaters are the most efficient to use but other considerations must always be accounted for.

When it comes to the size of the unit, hybrid water heaters are a lot bigger than those of the tankless water heater types. Hybrids need a lot of space while tankless can be placed in closet, especially the electric type. Hybrid water heaters also cost more than electric tankless water heaters. And since they are fairly new in the market, there are only a few choices that you can select from.