Don’t you think, winter weddings have a different charm of its own, something that can’t be felt during other times of the year. But, have you ever wondered why winter is always the loved season, when it especially comes to wedding. No, it’s definitely not what you are thinking. There’s something more interesting about winters. Let’s peep through it.

1. Winter is a season of fun, frolic and laughter

That’s indeed a key reason behind the winter wedding. Winter is a less busy time of the year and that’s the time when you actually get the best bargains from the suppliers. Most of the vendors try to sell their wares at this time. Even if they have to compromise on the pricing part, they end up selling it. So, a winter wedding gives you enough opportunity to make some wise curtails on the overall wedding budget.

2. Winter is about holidays

Wedding during the holiday season is super special. You don’t have to worry about early morning office pickups, if you have to go for a late night wedding. Moreover, a holiday season gives you a good time to keep yourself away from the daily hustles and bustles. Thus you can invest enough time to get prepared and can enjoy the wedding for an extended period of time.

3. Winter gives you wonderful venue

Without much expenditure, you can get a wonderful venue especially in the winters. Whether it’s a big hallway or a castle with stately décor, all you need to adorn the place is a big and an open fire place dominating the entire space. Serve your guests mulled wine in the warm as soon as they arrive. Later you can use the same place for chilling out.

4. Romantic evenings are everyday affair in the winters

Winters are intensely romantic. The season is about fairytales, candle lights, decorative walkways, firework displays and of course exotic costumes- all in all, a perfect scenario to intensify the nuptial bonds.

So, keeping these things in mind, the best time to get hitched is certainly the winters. So, make your plans well in advance and get prepared to ring the wedding bells this winter.

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