It’s only Wednesday, yet this week already ranks among the creepiest in US political history. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump did not hide in shame after the revelation of his vulgar comments in an Access Hollywood video. Instead, he stalked his Democratic opponent in a live television debate and threatened to send her to jail if elected. It was unnerving. Trump also tried to intimidate Hillary Clinton by bringing in some of her husband’s accusers.

‘Scuse me while I say, “ewww.”

Lest we dismiss the stalking allegations, consult the experts. Read Ruth Sherman’s comments here and Robin Kermode’s here.

Perhaps Bob Schieffer said it best in his review of the debate. Concerning Trump’s threat to throw his opponent in prison: “This is the States of America. People keep asking me if I’ve ever seen anything like this. I keep saying no and I hope to God I don’t see another campaign like this one. America can do better than what we have seen tonight. This was just disgraceful.”

See Schieffer’s full commentary here.  

Abandoning Ship

Many GOP Brahmans finally woke up after the video was released, denounced him, and said they would not vote for him. Some on the Religious Right, including theologian Wayne Grudem, also withdrew their endorsements. I criticized Grudem before; I commend him here.

But still, it must be asked: Why now? Why not before? Why did so many join the Trump parade despite his well-known history of lying, philandering and multiple divorces? And what of his blood-curdling comments about Mexicans and Muslims? Does it really boil down to votes and nothing more (white, middle class women usually vote Republican and we must keep them in the down-ballot fold; Mexicans and Muslims do not)? And what about Ralph Reed, James Dobson, and Pat Robertson? They still cleave to Trump.

My friend, John Elwood, poses these questions and others at his Beloved Planet blog. He does so in the form of an open letter to his congressman. A sample of what John wrote:

Just to be clear, then, it was okay that Trump vowed to kill the world’s last and best hope for saving our children from catastrophic climate change, right? It was okay when he trashed Mexicans, Muslims, blacks, women, war heroes, disabled people, and grieving Gold Star parents? It was okay when he admired dictators, advocated torture, incited violence among supporters, and hinted at assassination of an American president? And you didn’t mind when he threatened to break faith with our closest allies, and suggested they get their own nuclear weapons?
But now, he’s finally done something that bothers you. Well, sir, we welcome you. We, too, were horrified with what Trump dismisses as “locker room talk.”
But I just can’t contain my curiosity: You had no problem with all this other stuff? Really?

Read the entire blog post here.