Yesterday I was going through some travel photos from earlier this year and last year. I found for instance Prague, Rome, Palermo and Fehmarn (little island in the baltic sea in Germany) pictures. So from time to time I go through all of my old photos and “travel back in time”. That’s why I love taking images so much. Oh I forgot to say hello to everyone and to introduce me since this is my first post on “sushi x tea” so here it goes: Hola to you who’s looking at the screen right now. My name is Emily, I’m almost 19 (in 9 days, yes I’m counting the days, I know very mature 🙂 and at the moment I live in Hamburg because of my current job but I’m moving to Vienna and study architecture there. I’m so exited finally going to uni but I have to leave my friends here in Hamburg :(. I hope many posts will follow :).