There are different types of diseases in the recent times that keep plaguing the lives of the common people in every possible manner and one such disease is the acid reflux GERD or gastro-esophageal reflux disease. This is caused by the malfunctioning of the valve on the top of the stomach leading to a backflow of the acidic contents inside the stomach thereby causing acid refluxes. The acidic flow inside the esophagus or the food pipe causes irritation and other related problems such as burning sensation in the chest and throat or heartburn, belching, hoarseness, hiccups, coughing, inability to lie down properly and other allied issues.

Special home remedies for heartburn have been designed so that the same can be cured to the fullest over a certain period of time but in a natural way that also roots out the possibilities of side effects that are otherwise caused due to too much intake of medicines. It is always advisable to treat GERD at the early stages itself because this if left unattended can cause esophagus cancer that can be way too painful for the patient and can also be detrimental for life as well.

Home remedies and few tips to stay away from symptoms of GERD

Before going to the DO’s for curing GERD, it is first and foremost essential to have a quick look at the DON’Ts as well because it is always simpler to treat a disease having less severe symptoms than the same disease getting aggravated due to ill habits. So, here are some actions that must be avoided in case anyone is affected with GERD:

• Saying ‘No’ to large meals because too much amount of foods can augment the symptoms of GERD acid refluxes.

• Keeping a safe distance from any kind of food item that stimulate the acid refluxes and other types of GERD associated symptoms.

• Avoiding fatty food items.

• Working towards lessening of the belly fat and obesity too.

• Giving up the habit of smoking and also keeping away from alcohol because both of these can increase the GERD symptoms too.

Along with the above-mentioned DON’Ts, the following Do’s also need to be followed to get cured from the disease soon and prevent a person from being affected with esophagus cancer. The following are some of the best home remedies for heartburn and other symptoms of GERD:

• Any caffeinated drink such as energy drinks, alcohol, soda, coffee, caffeinated teas, etc, are to be replaced by herbal drinks.

• Making the meals free from fatty food items and rather having baked and boiled food, lean chicken, fish, vegetables, fruits, etc.

• Having an optimum amount of meal where the individual should eat less, chew slowly and swallow completely without hurrying and should stop eating whenever there is a feeling of fullness without exerting too much pressure on the stomach.

• It is always advisable to wait for duration of two hours after having a full-course meal before sleeping or lying down because lying immediately can again increase GERD symptoms.


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