The art of gardening involves a whole lot more than just buying seeds and sticking them in the ground. Gardening requires a lot of time, labor, and endurance. Hauling items around that you need can soon become very cumbersome. It can also cause physical strain on your body. A Wheelbarrow or lawn cart can help you transport different times of loads, easily and efficiently. Although wheelbarrows and lawn carts have been used for many years for carrying items, they are a bit different and serve different purposes. When choosing which one, you need, be sure that it fits the needs and requirements of the job that you are completing. Also, consider how strong and flexible you are personally.

A wheelbarrow is unique in that it is designed with one wheel. There is one in from and it has two handles for pulling. The wheelbarrow also has 2 legs in the back. Wheelbarrow are made pretty sturdy. They can come in plastic or in metal versions. While the front of the wheelbarrow is rounded, the rest of it is pretty straight.

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In contrast, a lawn cart has two wheels and can have 3-4 wheels. Lawn carts only have a single bar handle. Carts can be made pretty cheaply and are not created, for the most part, as sturdily as a wheelbarrow. Lawn carts can also come in different shapes.

If you need to carry a significant amount of weight, the wheelbarrow is your best option. For example, it can carry bricks, soil, and other heavier items. The wheelbarrow works easily to deposit soil, gravel, and sand. It is great to have when you are trying to start a new flower bed.

Lawn carts are better in situations where you only need something light transported because many carts are pretty flimsy. It can carry leaves and maybe some straw. It is also better suited to use when it is time to harvest your plants because you can place it right beside the area you are working on. Apart from wheelbarrow, leaf blower are also needed for gardening. read this leaf blowers buying guide to get idea about it.

When buying a wheelbarrow, it is important to make sure you have your items evenly distributed due to its one-wheel nature. Be sure to use it with caution so that you do not spill the contents. In this respect garden carts are a little more stable, having more than one wheel. Children or the elderly better use lawn carts.

When maneuvering, a wheelbarrow is much easier to make turns when transporting items. It only pivots on its single wheel. Although, when you have a load inside, you want to be careful with your turns so that nothing is dumped.

Lawn Carts are easier to push and pull but maneuvering can be quite difficult. They work well if you only have a very straight path. Otherwise, you will have a very hard time getting the cart to where you need to go. This is very true if you are trying to turn it around.

Both wheelbarrows and lawn carts have their pros and cons. It depends on you to decide which fits best with the kind of work you are performing. Overall, the wheelbarrow can be used to do a bit more than a lawn cart and can be maneuvered with greater ease.