Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.


Music is one of many ways we measure compatibility in our lives. I once had a friend who called when I was cleaning house to the music of Donna Summer. Donna Summer was my generation’s college music, and I cleaned house to her because Love to Love You, Baby gave me energy.

My friend, however, was considerably younger than I. She asked me contemptuously, “How can you listen to that garbage?” Our friendship felt apart quite naturally after that.

What really happened?

Well, I felt unseen and misunderstood. I clearly remember thinking something along the lines of … if she can’t get why I clean to the beat of Donna Summer, what else won’t she get about me?

She felt out of step with me.

We didn’t find common ground.

That’s why I like what Plato has written. Here are the gifts of music according to Plato:

soul to the universe

Most people confuse spirit and soul when they talk about the metaphysics of being. We who work with metaphysics [that which is beyond the physical] all the time know there’s a huge difference. Spirit is the blueprint of perfection we all carry. Soul is where we keep our “stuff.” Code for: emotional baggage, pain, ego, thoughts, feelings, karma. Spirit can’t lie. Soul can.

That’s why soul needs music. Music has certainly dissolved me into tears when I’ve been upset about something and haven’t been able to get to my own sadness. Music opens the doors of emotion to all the universe.

wings to the mind

It is said that if we will listen to Baroque music whilst we study, we will remember more, better, and faster. Music synchronizes both sides of the brain to work together. Baroque music [Scarlatti, anyone? Pachelbel?] especially.

The Persians had an ancient saying: Singing is praying twice. Why? Because the left brain does the words, and the right brain does the music. Music has taken people into new ideas for millennia.

flight to the imagination

Wings and flight are different. Wings are the potential to fly. Flight is the use of one’s wings. Different kinds of music take us on different flight patterns. Somber music takes us one place, tripping harpsichord music takes us an entirely different place. Heavy-duty rock and roll has a far different quality than a ballad or disco or marching music or … I could go on forever.

Our imaginations are often out of practice these days. Information overload almost guarantees this. Music will help you use your wings.

life to everything

Spend an hour some evening listening to the television with your eyes covered. [Record the hour.] Become aware of how the music used behind scenes suggests certain images and feelings to you. Then watch the hour with the visual.

Music is the language of feelings, and despite the conventional and prevailing mythology about “professionalism,” if you think feelings don’t play at work, you’re dead wrong. They run as background programs if we don’t allow them out.

Consider trying different kinds of music for your creative times and teams. Make it subtle, even subliminal, and see how much greater access you have to the wholeness of the humans who are creating your business with you.