Golf is a most popular sport played all around the world. It is a club and ball game in which, the players need to hit the balls in series of holes on the course with the help of various clubs. A golf course is a place where golf is played. A standard round of golf comprised of 18 holes, each consist of tee, fairway, green and one or more natural or artificial hazards, also known as golf links. The games usually start on a teeing ground and ends when a golfer puts his ball into the hole, also known as putting surface.

On the basis of popularity, golf clubs are generally categorized into:

  • Private Golf Course: A private golf course is the one, owned by a golf club that allows only its members to play golf. Non-members are only allowed to play golf if they are invited by someone who is already a member of the club. Private golf courses generally have well-maintained ground conditions, outstanding golfing facilities and excellent level of challenge. All these facilities attract a large number of golfers, especially those who are very much fond of golf.
  • Semi-Private Golf Course: Semi-private golf course is the one that sell membership, but also allow non-members to play golf at their club. Those who are a member of the club can enjoy benefits such as the reduced green fees, preferential tee times and access to a number of facilities and amenities provided by the club. On the other hand, non-members are only allowed to play golf by paying a particular amount and are usually restricted from entering into other areas of the club.
  • Public Golf Course: A public golf course is a course that is owned by a private organization or individual or any other organization. This type of golf course is open for everyone who can afford to pay the fee for playing. These courses generally do not sell memberships; however they may offer deals and discounts to the golfers who buy green tees in bulk. Under public category, the golf course can further grouped into: the municipal courses and the daily fee courses. Municipal courses are those that are owned by cities or countries and are run for the benefit of the local citizens. On the other hand, daily fee courses are privately owned courses and usually more advanced and expensive than municipal courses.

Depending upon your interest and choice, you can choose any kind of golf course in Broward County. Get closer to nature and enjoy the optimum physical, mental health and wellbeing benefits by playing golf.