In the midst of falling asleep last night the I insisted Shezi Sardar to take the How long would you survive in a Zombie Apocalypse quiz.  I got one month. He got 6 months.  His thoughts, from PracticallyStandard:

It may have had to do with the color blue or that I didn’t have the right answer for what I’d wear during a zombie apocalypse.  I decided that to survive a Zombie Apocalypse for more than 6 months, I’d need to fully equipped – which meant, the right clothes and gear.  (author weird-out note: Turns out there are Pinterest boards dedicated to outfitting for the zombie apocalypse, which I found crazy).

The Zombie Apocalypse Outfit 101:

zombie apocalypse what to wear jeans

First and foremost: do not do skinny jeans if faced with a zombie apocalypse. You need to be able to move, sit, run, and kick without having your circulation cutoff.  Stick with dark colored jeans. They won’t look disgusting and dirty until day 30+.  And stay away from holes, those will happen naturally. Rag & Bone has good straight leg jeans that still look good in case the news catches a shot of you kicking zombie ass.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 12.09.00 PM

A tight-fitting long sleeved tee in a dark color is essential.  Anything loose will get torn off, and you don’t want to lose your shirt and expose your skin when running from zombies.  We would go with the Under Armour ColdGear Infrared V-neck because when fighting zombies because it will keep you warm and wicks sweat away from your body.  When you aren’t showering and facing gut-oozing zombies, this is all necessary.

how to dress for the zombie apocalypse

Your mantra should be: pockets and more pockets. And then more pockets.  You will need as many places to carry things as possible. Pick one in a muted shade that is sturdy and zips up, no buttons.

how to dress for zombie apocalypse

There’s a reason that Timberlands are revered.  Sturdy, strong and built to last.  Forget your running shoes and your work shoes, or those toe-shoes you wear to work out.  Youwant maximum coverage provided by Timberlands to prevent zombies from biting into your skin as you kick them. Go dark in color, since scuffs are inevitable – so are zombie guts and blood.

mesh socks zombie apocalypse what to wear

This is critical, even though it’s the least thought of.  You need socks that will protect your feet because broken, hurt feet = inability to run from zombies. Go for running socks with air-permeable mesh fabric, ergonomic panels on pressure points, that are fast drying with NanoGlide material panels for reduced friction.  Really, just go buy these socks from Craft.

What to wear in a Zombie Apocalypse

Last, but not least in any way, the trapper hat.  When battling the cold – and it’s always cold when the zombie apocalypse hits – you need to bc covered up.  Hats are necessary because you’ll have to cover your head, which will inevitably be buzz cut after weeks of being out in the wild fighting zombies and saving people. Take this paul smith trapper hat for instance: warm but in a muted shade that you can also use to muzzle a zombie during a fight.

Get this all together and into a sturdy go-to-bag for emergencies.  Then, hope you’ll never need it and continue watching the struggle on the Walking Dead.