There are some people who aren’t quite sure what to do with excess money. Letting money sit in a savings account is fine but if you want to maximize that money’s potential you might look into investing or doing other things with your excess income. While it isn’t wise to invest in a rogue fashion, it can be wise to talk to a financial advisor. These people have managed millions of dollars and can help you get the most out of your money or even help you plan your retirement.


There are going to be advisors who are much more qualified than others. It is important to know the title and certifications that are important in the industry as some of these can be quite easy to attain. While it is impressive that a person graduated with an MBA remember to look up reviews of these people when you are thinking of hiring them. Asking for references might seem strange but don’t you want to make sure you are trusting your money with the right person or advising firm?

Access To A Large Team

There are some financial advisors that have the best access to financial experts whether it is in the stock market or people if you want to invest in mutual funds and bonds. While independent advisors can do a great job, it is important to weigh the supporting team an advisor will have. There are plenty of fees when it comes to hiring an advisor and some are flat fees while others work for commissions. Finding the correct balance of fees and commission is important.

What If You Picked Incorrectly?

There are some financial planners who do not have your best interests in mind. These people can give poor advice and sometimes the advice isn’t researched and your goals are not taken into consideration. There is something that can be done and that is to file a financial negligence case. Even if you have had a financial advisor pull one over on you within the past 5 years you still have one year to file a claim. If your financial planner didn’t take into account certain risks or money that you needed for cash flow among other things, they could be liable. Talking to a financial advice lawyer might be the best course of action if a financial planner hasn’t done the right thing by you.

A Personal Reference

A personal reference to work with a financial planner can be a blessing. Most people will not give their reference especially when it has to do with money if they do not completely endorse the advisor. You should still do research about the advisor but if it comes down to two of them, pick the one with a personal reference.

Picking the right financial advisor can be a great life decision. This advisor could allow you to retire or put your children through college with the right moves. Do not take this decision lightly and find a great financial advisor today.