“Meditation is a way of nourishing and blossoming the divinity within you”

It is truly stated by the stupendous quote above that Yoga can empower your inner soul. You remember your first yoga class and the nervousness you had. Well, you made it through all the stages of yoga teacher training and there you are now, an official yoga instructor! Voila! Since you have mastered the beautiful art of Yoga, the next thing that might be coming into your mind must be – What next?

We here will get you a walk-through of a list of paramount steps that you should take after you complete your training. Scroll over!

1. Maintain a file for all important documents

Since you worked so hard, you would want to make sure that you keep the copies of your certification, a list of classes that you have completed and grades that have been assigned for each class and the attendance records in a file. This file can come in handy when you are applying for teaching yoga.

2. Certification in CPR

It is true that certification in CPR is not a necessity but if you do get a hold of it, then it means you have extra skills beyond yoga that may add points to your resume. Again, this certification goes to the file you are maintaining!

3. Create your Resume

Now, having completed the yoga teacher training you must be applying for jobs. The initial step is developing a resume. You should make sure that you add all the necessary elements of your entire Yoga Teacher Training course and the school you attended for that purpose.

4. Get a Yoga Liability Insurance

It is true that yoga being an artistic form of exercise doesn’t result in many injuries but it is best to be safe and protected. You must not neglect the possibilities of any injuries that you may get in the near future. A Yoga Liability Insurance is quite crucial when you are applying for yoga teaching positions.

5. Get acquainted with professional contacts

You must make sure that you start with the “networking” as you are making your way through the yoga community. If you have started to assist in various yoga classes, you can start to meet yoga studio owners, fellow teachers. It helps you to grow and develop in a pro-teaching process.

6. Patience is a virtue

Now that you have finished your yoga teacher training, you must be quite excited about getting a job and become a part of the yoga teaching community! It is true that you might come across many hurdles. However, you must remember that it does take a lot of hard work and effort for you to reach at this point. Just have faith in yourself and never give up, you will come through!

Pals, you have completed your yoga teacher training now. This is all you wanted when you began with the process. If you follow the steps above, it is possible that one day you may open your won yoga studio! All the best, folks!