If someone is taking a trip to Iceland in the month of June, then he should be prepared for what’s in store for him. Although the name suggests that it’s probably freezing cold, that’s not always the case. Even with the cold weather, people still go outside, take part in activities and admire the nature. The cold does not stop them from doing that. Iceland tends to be windy, not on occasional breeze once in a while but a full on storm. If he is going to go outdoors especially to see the northern lights, then he should make sure to carry plenty of layers to keep himself warm.

The weather is always uncertain

When it comes to Iceland the weather tends to change every few minutes, it doesn’t take very long for it to switch between rain, snowing, and storms. If one is going to be going on tours in Iceland there are a few things he should know.

Although this is a land of beauty and festivals and lights he still needs to be prepared for what to carry when he visits. He needs to know what to pack for a trip to Iceland in June, read further for that.

What to pack when you’re going to Iceland in June:

Besides his general clothing such as t-shirts, trousers, and underwear he should carry if he is thinking of taking tours in Iceland:

• A windproof jacket, he will surely need it out there.

• If he is going to be visiting waterfalls and partaking in any sports that include water, a waterproof jacket, and trousers.

• A few warm jumpers, he can try out some Icelandic wool jumpers which work the best.

• He can carry a few thermals in case he decides to go hiking or snorkeling.

• He will definitely need some wool socks to go out as well as in town.

• He should carry gloves too if goes on tours or horseback riding.

• A warm hat or two to keep him warm during the winters and also for other activities and events.

• A towel and a swimsuit are a necessity no matter where he goes this has to be carried.

• He can carry scarfs as well if he likes wearing them.

• A warm jacket, no explanations needed.

• A good pair of waterproof boots because one might be walking in rain or ice through most of the trip.

• He should carry some good hiking boots if he will be exploring glaciers and of course for hiking.

Fleece and wool are the best materials to be used in Iceland; if he can not carry a thick jacket then he would have to use many layers of jumpers instead.

The good thing about Iceland, however, is that someone can wear as many layers as he wants sand there is no such thing as badly dressed; he has to keep warm after all.

Even though the weather is often cold, he just needs to be prepared with what he should carry. And they also have hot springs, warm mud baths, pools and so on. There’s nothing better than taking a soak in the hot springs on a cold and chilly day.