This is the world of technologies where people are requiring the assistance in various sectors including the utilization of the technologies. The technology has changed the perspective of the people in the present world where people can’t survive without the technology. Technology has become the essential part of any sector where it has become the core of any functional sector. This is one of the innovative inventions for the human kind which has brought the standard up to the level where human efficiency is minimum. The technology has done wonders in various sectors where businesses across the globe understand the importance in their verticals and horizontals. There is unique kind of technology entered in the market that has taken the market as storm across the globe. The name of the technology is Mobile application technology.

The mobile application technology has changed the perspective of the browsing the website across the globe. It is the 2nd level of browsing the website in the application. Application has made the things easier and faster for the users in accessing for the information. The android mobile application technology is one of the prominent technologies of Google. The developing companies in creating android application face various kinds of problems as follows:

• In developing the blue print of the application is an inevitable task

• Incompetency of the developer while developing the application

• Cost issues with the clients

• Premium Quality delivery constantly become difficult

• Security issue while developing the application in android technologies

• Avoid of good developing practice neglected by developers during the development of application

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