toyblocks_mf_1 (1)Playing with your children can be a learning experience for both of you. For generations, parents and children have been building together to learn about shapes, sizes, and structure. Consider what kids of all ages can learn from fort building games.

Planning and Paying Attention

Deciding what you want to build and the way to make it happen teaches kids about planning ahead. Then you both need to pay attention to each step to get the results you planned for.

Creativity and Flexibility

Building a fort involves creativity to determine whether you want to build a castle or a boat, a lemonade stand or an outdoor playhouse. Kids can draw out their plans and change them to make modifications they want. This also teaches them about flexibility, a skill for success throughout life.

Patience is a Virtue

While we might have heard the words patience is a virtue from our own parents, there are ways to quietly prove this fact to our kids. Sometimes a plan is too complicated to execute or simply impractical. Encourage your child to find ways around these factors to create the structure they planned to build. They will soon learn about patience and the reward that comes from having it once the structure is successfully created.

Following Instructions

It is fun to create your own buildings and engage in problem-solving to finally make them happen. But it also matters to teach your kids to follow instructions. Consider project plans offered by building toys such as Fort Magic and LEGOs. Parents and kids can get involved in these projects for hours, creating something wonderful and making memories together.

Taking Down and Picking Up

Once you create a masterpiece, your child (and you!) may never want to take it down. But learning how to let go of it and take it down is part of these important lifelong lessons. Help your child take down the building and encourage him or her to create something new and exciting again. Tell your child to clean up so he or she learns that is part of the process of playing, building, and keeping everything tidy for use tomorrow.

Playing is more than having fun. It is an opportunity to learn, grow, and work together with kids of all ages.