There is lot of variation in the laptop prices depending upon the time when you are buying, the type of model you wish to go for and its specifications. Laptop prices are generally at their peak around February and July. With little effort and survey, you can easily find a good deal during certain times of the year. Due to increasing competition in the market, the companies come up with seasonal discounts to clear their old stock and achieve their sales targets. If you are not in hurry, then you should wait for sometime until the prices are best and save money. You can get substantial discount on HP laptop price if you buy them during festival sales like new year, christmas, independance day or diwali.

The best time to buy expensive electronic gadgets usually precedes or coincides with thye introduction of new models. The consumer can also avail great bargains during end of season. Timing is very crucial while making big ticket purchases like laptops, televisions, washing maching or may be a Samsung convertible refrigerator. Knowing about the desired product before hand can save your huge bucks.

Around middle of the year or in holidays, the companies put discounts on the products to increase their growth sales making the prices more affordable and pocket-friendly. When the new models are launched by the company, the old model prices comes down. If the consumer is not fussy about the specifications being most advanced and latest and can compromise a bit, then he can save upto 20-30% on the older versions of the laptop. He will definitely get a good deal by checking Acer laptop price during the clearance sale of older models when the new model announcements are made during this time.

Most of the companies launch their new models in April after the end of financial year. Hence, this is the best time to buy previous year models which may be discounted by around 25-30 percent. They want to clear the old inventory in order to make space for the newer ones. Performance-wise, you will not find any major difference between both the models hence it will be win-win situation as you will save money and can also buy new laptop at an affordable price. You will also get full warranty as this will be a new product. Depending upon the brand, the new models are released at a gap of three months to a year. According to the recent survey conducted by TechHive, premium brands like Apple are very selective and release new models once in 6 months or may be once in a year whereas Dell release several models throughout the year at irregular intervals. Likewise, Asus also refreshes its product lineup every 3 months making Asus laptop price more affordable to the consumer.

Before buying, the consumer should analyse his needs and check for the features accordingly. For instance, if you are want to do multitasking and want to run many applications simultaneously, then you should go for quad-core chipset instead of dual core processor. Laptop model with dual core processor will be much cheaper but will slow down your system affecting your work output to a great extent. Make a list of must-have features, then cross-check that list with specification sheet. While selecting the operating system, you should choose the one that you are comfortable working with. Most of the laptops come with preloaded Windows. You might get a cheaper Toshiba laptop price without any pre-installed operating system but installing the original software lateron will turn out to be more costly for you. Windows 10 is the latest operating system, hence opt for the model that is preloaded with Windows 10 and not the older version Windows 8.