Psychometric testing is a form of online assessment test which is nowadays used by corporate companies to recruit employees. It is touted as the perfect solution to employee screening process. Psychometric generally refers to evaluation of the mind. Psychometric online tests are now implemented by as much as 70% of the corporate companies around the world. Experts believe that these tests assess the aptitude as well as the personality of the applicants. Online Psychometric tests aim to reduce human effort. They are questionnaires with an ideal mix of questions for overall evaluation of candidates. Companies based in countries like UK, UAE, South Africa & Saudi Arabia were the first to include online psychometric tests in their screening process. Since then, many organizations in the corporate sector have adopted this technique.

The use of psychometric online tests is on a rise after receiving positive feedback. Currently, three-fourth of UK Times 100 companies and about 80% of Fortune 500 companies have these tests as an integral part of their selection process.

Key Features

Psychometric online testing is designed in such a way that the selected person meets all the standards set for the job. These tests are objective in nature and provide multiple choices to the person giving the test. The advantage these tests have over traditional selection procedure is that a questioner can sometimes fail to cover all aspects. A psychometric test can consist of any of the following features according to the job requirement.

1. Ability test: This is more of a general test which is mainly used for testing the reasoning capabilities of a candidate. Numerical ability tests are the best way to test basic arithmetic whereas Verbal ability tests assess the ability of a person to evaluate written information and arguments. Logical reasoning tests how a well an individual interprets given information or current knowledge to deduce a solution.

2. Aptitude test: These tests are designed to examine the learning power of an individual. This part of the psychometric test is more specific to the field of application. For example, IT companies may use programming tests to examine coding knowledge of the applicants, whereas finance-based organizations evaluate through numerical and verbal reasoning tests.

3. Personality test: In contrast to the prior beliefs, the personality of a person has also become an essential requirement apart from job-specific knowledge. Personality traits are given primary importance by many employers nowadays. Personality tests are used to evaluate behavior an individual when put in a specific situation. Mostly, responses of successful managers or personalities are used as a yardstick to match against.


Psychometric online testing has turned out to be a boon for the corporate world. The advent of these tests has immensely reduced the workload of human resource department. UK, UAE, South Africa & Saudi Arabia were some of the first countries in which companies started using psychometric tests for evaluating prospective employees. Worldwide implementation of this technique is a testament to its success. Such tests can be included in various stages of the recruitment process. They can be part of the early part of the selection as well as can be combined with personal interviews at a later stage.

But there are also some limitations to this approach. Many experts believe that although such tests are helpful in screening the candidates, it should not be the sole criteria. It is also argued that they can’t replace face to face interviews in which candidates have to be instinctive. Some also claim that these tests have a negative impact on applicants as it labels a person with a ‘type’ of personality they have.

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