Hello Everyone !

Long time no see! I have been totally mute for the last couple of days so just incase you were wondering if I had been abducted by aliens (I should be so lucky )

Nope I’m still here where I have always been … if that sounds pathetic it’s because it actually is..I have been stuck in a rut forever it seems and lately it’s starting to bug me more than ever. I read recently a post by someone who announced that they had finally found their true passion in life ( career wise people) and that they were able to ditch their 9-5 and go live their dream. While I was genuinely happy for them it made me wonder what exactly was my goal/passion in life and when the f*** was I going to be able to do it instead of wandering about aimlessly wasting precious time.

I was asked by a friend of mine back in grade school what my special talent was and I remember looking at her blankly and eventually conceding that it was nothing.We have always been told that every person has some unique talent but even after years of searching I have drawn a blank.

If anything I have spent years going from one field to another feeling very much like that oddly shaped jigsaw puzzle piece that seems to fit nowhere. 

Its at these times, when thoughts like these get me severely( I’m not going to say depressed) upset.When that happens I shut myself away from everyone, I swear if there was a hibernation contest amongst humans I would take first prize .Anyways once i got over my moping phase I decided to act like an adult and figure out my options:

1-  Google it : Even though I know all I will be getting is success stories of those one in a trillion lucky ones that are living their dreams and trying to make a profit by selling the rest of us desperate souls the magic formula : read psychological, motivational, done to death, one size fits all, that helps no one,  just fleeces you out of your hard earned money. 

2-Admit defeat and accept already the sad reality of my mediocracy.

3-Wait and pray for a miracle that will occur not in my lifetime atleast. 

4- Find a willing friend to whine and complain to, or pay someone $200 an hour for use of their ears, will power and leather recliner or be a savvy cheapskate and take to the Internet. (Which ahem…is my apparent modus operandi )

I don’t know about you but I for one am not the one to give up this early on in the game. Sure I maybe approaching my twilight years but didn’t Susan Boyle get to live her dream close to her 50th birthday? That’s enough motivation to keep me going another 25 years or so :p

So how did you go about finding your life’s passion? Or are you still searching? Here’s to celebrating success at 50 folks see you then !