A Consultant is a professional who gives an expert advice in few areas like education, management, accountancy, law, engineering, finance, and many other specialized areas. A Consultant is usually an expert professional with broad knowledge of subject matters. 

Consultancy in Nepal

The role of consultant falls under two categories:

Internal Consultant: 

Those who are operating within the organization, available to be consulted in areas of their specialization

External Consultant: 

Those who exploited an externally to the client, their expertise is provided on a temporary basis, usually for the fee.

Educational Consultant

Educational Consultant is an expert independent consultant who helps students and organization with education planning. They called as best educational, vocational, and school counselors. Educational counselors are self-employed.

Educational consultant programs:

The leadership program is to build a professional knowledge structure, and career skills obtained by students in Teaching, guidance, abroad study and much more. They help in choosing best universities or schools abroad. The abroad course provides excellent knowledge in the field that one choose. The Educational Consultant will have their self-confidence, motivation and many profession skills.

Some Educational consultancy:

Some educational consultant may specialize in assisting particular kinds of students based on their educational needs. There are many different educational consultants provide the best consultant based on students need. Some consultants help students those who dream to study abroad. Some may assist in seeking for admission in college.

The majority of the educational consultant located in foreign countries. There is a consultancy in Nepal provides the best consultant for abroad study. They provide educational consultancy for students to study in Australia, New-Zealand, Japan, USA and more countries. Nepal Consultants help students to choose top universities to gain knowledge and build the brilliant career.

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