Now days all over the world limousine is used and are becoming a staple for airport transportation and formal events. These are the luxury sedan or saloon cars that are driven by a chauffeur and with the partition between the driver and the passenger compartment.

Having lengthened wheelbase and usually associated with luxury vehicles. In some countries, the word limousine refers for the standard sedan body style. Many of the countries are giving these limousine services like America limousine, Bahrain limousine In Saudi Arabia, etc. the transportation service is operated by the third party.

With open driver’s seat, it was originally an enclosed automobile, and it is named after a type of cloak and hood. It was worn by the inhabitants of the limousine region that later resembled the covering of a carriage. In modern days it is used to describe an automobile with the permanent top. Here are some interesting facts about limousine:

• The first limousine was built in 1928 in Arkansas which is a southern region in the United States.

• The word limousine is named in honor of the historic province of a limousine in France.

• It is not a brand, but it refers to the characteristics of the car. The characteristic is partition between driver and passenger and the extended body of the car.

• Now days limousines come in designs like limo motor vans, motor coaches, stretch SUVs and limo buses.

• In the nineties, SUV limousines are not longer than 120 inches to set safety regulations. That means there is capacity for ten passengers.

• Famous big bands are used limousines to transport band equipment when it was first introduced. It became known as big band buses.

• Longest car in the world is not street legal. It is fully equipped with luxuries which include swimming pool, diving board, sun deck, helipad, king size bed and satellite dish.

• The capacity of the passengers makes the difference between a stretch limousine and super-stretch limousine.

• SUV limo was manufactured by GM and Ford. It was produced to satisfy needs of clients, introducing a whole new set of amenities and luxury.

• Exotic limousines are often developed to be the ultimate stretch limo. And are performed on luxury cars and sports cars. To include extra unnecessary amenities and axles to support extra weight and length even minis are performed.

• Lincoln Navigator is the most popular SUV limo hire model that is used for weddings, prom and night outs.

• Many of the limousines are owned by the government which is used to transport senior politicians and by companies to transports executives and guests.

• Limousines are culturally associated with wealth or power. It is cited as the example of conspicuous consumption.

Hiring limousine for the transportation is like passenger’s vehicle whose style and condition makes it suitable for the ceremonial and corporate occasion. Next time when you want something that is luxurious and comfortable for the prom nights, weddings then limousine will be the best choices which impress your family and friends.