If we remember, from very children we have been impacted by the publicity; In fact I still remember the commercials that impelled me to make a call to my mother or my grandmother to buy the house or the car of the Barbie, the doll that spoke repeating everything they were told or a new bicycle.

I also remember those radio or television commercials that we sang, danced and even learned, those billboards that I tried to read in the streets or the showers of fliers that occasionally launched from small planes, especially in times of politics.

Over the years things have changed and, like our habits, our reaction to advertising has also changed a lot …

Given that change, advertising has also evolved, since for approximately 20 years not only limited to making prints, billboards or creating radio and television advertisements.

Advances in technology have opened the door to a new era, the era of Digital Advertising, which allows you to reach and attract the attention of your main audiences, through new forms and more accurately.

Although traditional advertising continues to be widely used and has its role, Digital Advertising offers us endless platforms, buying models and formats, which can be executed in the immense digital environment, which is where those personal that you want to reach They spend more time.

What is digital advertising?

It is the tactic of taking advantage of the Internet, its platforms, technologies, channels, and resources to offer consumers promotional announcements. These ads can be targeted through Email Marketing , SEM , Mobile Advertising and Social Ads.

Why should not you ignore digital advertising?

FIRST: nobody is a secret that the consumer is spending more and more time connected, a trend that has been greatly impacted by the revolution of mobile devices. That means that digital advertising is a great way to reach them.

SECOND: As I mentioned above, when you do traditional advertising campaigns, it is massive, reaches all kinds of people (those of your target audience and those who have nothing to do) and you have little control over it; Instead, digital advertising allows you to target exactly the audience who is most likely to buy your product or hire your service. And I am not referring only to demographic segmentation, but to establishing publics with specific behaviors, concrete interests, lifestyle, Internet browsing habits, jobs, place of study, behavior variables, etc.

THIRD: Digital advertising is more universal and flexible, which creates opportunities to tell stories in a different way, on a large scale and in context; Through the channels that the consumer frequents. Those stories can be counted on text, images, videos and other contents.

FOURTH: Advertising today can be part of an ongoing conversation. Digital ads are everywhere and can be seen on your website, on mobiles, on social media and smart clocks. These allow you to reach a wider audience, in real time and increasingly personal.

In short, digital advertising, from birth to today, has adjusted to new trends and technologies, and what is to come is very sure to exceed our expectations. It continues to gain momentum and it is vitally important that you make it an integral part of your Marketing Strategy so that you begin to capitalize on this powerful resource.

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